Eating Triple Double Oreo Takes MacGyver-Like Skill

triple double oreoCookies. We are a cookie family. Some families enjoy ice cream more, others like their pies. We love our cookies. Classic cookies. Vanilla wafers, your basic chocolate chip cookies and, of course, Oreos. My father loves Oreos so much, he's always eating them, so often that Kiddo calls Oreos "Pappa cookies." Yes, we are a generation-after-generation family of cookie lovers. Then I heard the news that Nabisco had come out with a triple double Oreo, one with two layers of cream and three cookie wafers.

I have to stop a moment to wipe the drool from my keyboard ... this could very well be the most amazing cookie, and it hits shelves this summer. This summer? Um, gee, thanks Nabisco. Really, right during swimsuit season? Sigh. However, a larger dilemma looms: how I am going to eat it?


The existence of this new, possibly life changing cookie was confirmed on Today and they even found images of the cookie. As many have pointed out, including my husband, Oreo eaters have been smushing two cookies together for decades now. I combine two Double Stufs for a better cream-to-wafer ratio. Now it will be done for us. How nice!

However, just envisioning eating one in my mind -- whoops, there's that drool again -- I'm a little hesitant. Say you are eating one. You twist off the first wafer, eat the cream ... yummmmm ... then you have the cookie in one hand and that wafer in the other ... but you still have to twist off another wafer to get to the next bit of cream. You have to be gentle as you twist the middle wafer off while cradling the first wafer in your hand, dare you crumble the first wafer. As you know, you never want to crumble the wafer. 

Folks, it will be tricky. Sure, you could put it down on the table, but say you are eating them on the couch or in bed (oh, pshaw, admit you've done it, too), what are you going to do? This triple double Oreo is going to be delicious, but will take some practice. Yup, there goes my summer diet.

How do you eat Oreos?


Image via Maria Keays/Flickr

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