'Top Chef Masters' Recap: Maroon 5 Call It Like They Taste It

Maroon 5Adam Levine and the other members of Maroon 5 were the special guest judges on this week's episode of Top Chef Masters. While they weren't, unfortunately, asked to sing for their supper (or sing at all), they did provide some of the most colorful critiques I've seen to date on the show.

The chefs were divided into two teams and asked to cook up a family-style meal for the band based on their favorites. With preferences that ranged from Thanksgiving dinner to vegan fare, the chefs set out to create a mishmash of a menu. Then the real challenge was thrown in -- they had to do it aboard a tour bus on the way to the hotel where they would serve the meal.

So with less-than-state-of-the-art stoves and a work space so small they actually had to use the toilet to hold things, they set out to cook for one of America's favorite bands.


Maroon 5's reactions were varied and ... vivid. There were no fancy-schmancy culinary terms used, rather just honest observations. Some of the most interesting:

"It tastes like microwave spanakopita."

"The enchiladas taste like chud."

"I guess that's why the gravy is there -- to cover up the average meat."

"It tastes like a bad candle smells."

And my favorite: "This looks a little bit like a piece of poop rolled around in bird seed." Perhaps there's a song there?

Overall, however, they were gracious and entertaining guests and appreciated the hard work the chefs had done. They continuously cracked jokes and seemed to have a genuinely good time.

In the end, Traci Des Jardins won the challenge for her Japanese-style steak and cucumber salad, and I wouldn't be surprised if she wins the whole thing. If she does, she'll be the first female to take the show's winning title. It was adios to Alessandro Stratta, whose overcooked pasta the judges and band tore apart. He admitted he just wasn't up for the challenge, though it didn't seem fair as he did all the work for his team.

What did you think of Maroon 5 as food critics?

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