KFC Double Down Gets Attacked From Down Under

kfc double downIf there ever were a controversial food item, it is KFC's Double Down. The restaurant isn't messing around when they call this bacon-and-cheese-sandwiched-between-two-pieces-of-chicken-beast "one of a kind." Of course, the "one of a kind" is more a reference to your cause of death than the sandwich itself. Be that is it may, though, people love them their KFCDDs.

Well, almost everyone. I, personally, wouldn't go near one of these heart attack delights with a 10-foot pole, as I'd like to see my grandchildren. And neither would New Zealand cookbook author/cooking show host, Anabelle White. In fact, this celebrity chef thinks it's a "crime against food." Amen, sister.


The sandwich, which Americans have been enjoying for years now, was unleashed on New Zealand soil yesterday and it's not welcomed in White's home. She said:

There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this product. People are going to look at this appalling construction and never want to eat it.

Yes! I so agree with you, Anabelle! It's ... gross! But, the thing is, the latter half of your statement is kind of ultra wrong. Believe it or not, people do want to eat this monstrosity. Especially in your fair country. In fact, there, they think we're the crazy ones! I know! Before the Double Down made its debut, an obligatory Facebook group called "Bring the KFC Double Down Burger to New Zealand" had about 2,700 followers. It now has over 3,000. Here are some of my favorite postings from the page:

A happy customer wrote:

It was an emotional day yesterday, I drove around Wellington before finding a Doubledown at Johnsonville KFC (no bacon though). I loved it and I loved the air of excitement and anticipation. As a Maori gentleman in the queue said to me - "Today has brought New Zealanders together." Amen, sir.

A loyal customer, trying his damndest to protect the page, wrote:

Could the mods of this page, please note, that mcdonalds employees are coming here and writing negative reviewers.

To which people responded:

Wouldnt surprise me.. Mcds Sucks!

And then the moderators of the page, who think the sandwich is actually good for you, astutely pointed out:

It's been 9 hours since I a DD for breakfast and I'm still not hungry. How can that not be good for weight loss?

So, you see? We're alone in this battle, Anabelle. Me and you vs. the world. It's bigger than us, and we need to just accept that there's not a damn thing that can be done about it. Except for that one little thing they always tell us about loss: If we can't beat 'em, join 'em.

No! We couldn't ... could we?

Would YOU eat a KFC Double Down?


Image via kslee/Flickr

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