Students Planning Chipotle Protest Need to Do Their Homework

chipotleThere are a few things I won't stand for in life: People messing with my family. People messing with my dog. People messing with Chipotle. So, right now, I'm heated (but not as heated as their spiciest salsa, because that is hot!).

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells, is scheduled to give the keynote speech at CU-Boulder's graduation this Friday, but he might be protested by student groups and alumni. Why are these protest-happy protesters planning to protest? Because Ells hasn't signed onto the Campaign for Fair Foods movement. Puh-lease.



Apparently the group is planning on wearing red armbands during the ceremony, and they've even created a Facebook page (what else is new?) criticising CU's choice to have Ells as a speaker called "Chipocrasy at Commencement."

Must everything be an issue? I mean, I could understand it if Chipotle was notorious for their poor practices, but in fact it's just the opposite. Per Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold:

Chipotle is driving more positive change in the food supply than any other restaurant company, including our use of naturally raised meat (about 100 million pounds this year; more than any other restaurant company), our commitment to local and organically grown produce, our increasing use of dairy from pasture raised cows, and our use of Florida tomatoes that come exclusively from growers that have signed on to the CIW's program. No one in our industry has a track record like ours and we have done all of that without agreements with parties.

I mean, they're a pretty stand-up company, no? And it seems like they're doing a lot more good for the food industry than bad. Is a protest really in order? Not to mention the fact that their burritos are insanely delicious. I'd actually go as far as to say they're my favorite. Just try keeping me out of a Chipotle and see what happens.

I also would like to see how long these students will last Chipotle-free if Ells doesn't sign onto the movement (which, P.S. I think he should, but choose your battles, people). I'd love to see one of them drunk, stumbling by a Chipotle, the smell of lime-tinged chips wafting out into the streets. They would be scarfing down one of those glorious burritos so fast they'd be like, "What movement?"

I say give Ells a rest, guys. I'm all for fair pay and conditions, but protesting doesn't really seem worth it. Chipotle's made a lot of positive changes in the food world -- besides just making it more delicious.

What do you think of the students boycotting Steve Ells?


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