Subway Is Now Serving Filet Mignon & Foie en Brioche

Would you eat on here?
Here are a couple places I wouldn't want to eat dinner, in no particular order: A public restroom, a private restroom, a zoo, anywhere in the Jersey Shore house, Dana Golberg from fourth grade's home, and a subway. Apparently, there are people who beg to differ, though.

Yesterday, a pop up restaurant by the supper club, A Razor, A Shiny Knife ... popped up. On the L train. For those of you who don't live in New York -- that's a subway. It's better than Dana Goldberg's house, but still ...

A six-course meal somehow managed to be served "complete with glassware, place setting, cutlery, napkins, and garnish" while the train rode the 22-minute route. I must admit, this is a really cool concept, and impressive as hell. But eating in a subway? I think I'll just have some tap water, please.


The meal wasn't some chump meal either. It was fancy for a fancy restaurant, never mind a train that homeless men urinate in. Here was the menu:

  • Hamchi Crudo, Bone Marrow, Trout Roe, Laproaig, Sweet Lime
  • Foie en Brioche, Port Wine, Raisin
  • Ramp, Black Garlic, Cippolini, Morel, Thyme
  • Petit Filet Mignon, Pomme Puree, Asparagus
  • Pepper Jam, St Andre
  • Chocolate & Gold Leaf Panna Cotta, Raspberry

Damn, right? That ain't no Chipotle. I mean, bone marrow? Filet mignon? I'm not only impressed and grossed out that this was all served on what basically is my commute home, I'm shocked that people managed to eat all the courses in 20 minutes.

Not to be a killjoy, but I gotta say -- all in all, this doesn't sound like a pleasant dining experience. It's incredibly admirable that people were able to pull this feat off, but inhaling six courses in 20 minutes? Without wine? In a subway? No thanks. I think I'll stick to Chipotle.

What do you think of eating on a subway?


Image via conbon33/Flickr

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