Our Favorite Food Bloggers Dish Up Recipes to Honor Mom

strawberry basil lemonade
Strawberry Basil Lemonade
Many of us who spend a lot of time in the kitchen owe everything we know to Mom -- either because she taught us essential cooking techniques or shared old family recipes and secrets. Others don't have memories like these; but as moms now themselves, they can pass along their culinary knowledge to their children.

In celebration of Mother's Day, we asked our favorite food bloggers to share a recipe that has special meaning to them with respect to motherhood. Some of these recipes may remind you of your own mom. Some may remind you of cooking with your kids. ALL are guaranteed to make you hungry.

Let's take a look ...


Gaby Dalkin of What's Gaby Cooking, Strawberry Basil Lemonade

This is one of my mom's favorite springtime drinks! It's the perfect refreshing beverage to whip up and enjoy on a sunny day.


Nikki of Pennies on a Platter, Spaghetti Meat Sauce

Spaghetti usually reminds me of my mom, since this was often the meal that would grace our table a couple times a week while growing up. This trend seeped into my own family as I find myself still making it quite often. But instead of using jarred sauce like my mom, I use this homemade recipe instead.


Latrice Fowler of Raising Chefs, Corn and Rice

This is such a special recipe to me because it was passed down to me by my mother and it was passed down to her by her mother-in-law who's no longer with us. Grandma Wilcox was from the Bahamas, and this Caribbean favorite is sure to be a favorite for you and your family.


toasted sesame onigiri
Toasted Sesame Onigiri
Mariko of The Little Foodie, Toasted Sesame Onigiri

Onigiri, or rice balls, are my ultimate comfort food: toasted sesame, a little salt, perfectly tender short-grain rice. My mom always has one or two of these waiting for me the second I step off the plane when I come to visit. I wolf them down and know I am home; no food tastes better to me than these humble onigiri. I make these favorites for my daughter when we have picnics and she asks for them often.


Kate Jones of Our Best Bites, Split Pea Soup With Ham

I don't have nearly as many food memories of my mom as I wish I did because I was 9 when she died, but Split Pea Soup has always reminded me of her. Because I didn't have an actual recipe from her, it was a real labor of love for me to try and re-create this soup, relying on memories that were more than 20 years old, so I could share it with my own family.


Aggie of Aggie's Kitchen, Angela's Stuffed Roasted Delicata Squash

This recipe is special to me because it reminds me of my mom obviously (it's named after her) and how she is always there when I need her. Anytime I'm feeling overwhelmed or need an extra hand she tries her best to "save the day" and this particular recipe reminds me of one of those times. It's also a great healthy recipe that reflects how my mom and I like to eat ... clean, simple, and delicious.


strawberry cupcakes
Strawberry Cupcakes
Elana Amsterdam of Elana's Pantry, Strawberry Cupcakes

My mother has always loved strawberries. Growing up, every year, my father would buy my mother a gooey strawberry pie for Mother's Day from Marie Calendars (a chain in California). These strawberry cupcakes are my strawberry tribute to mom. High in protein and low in sweeteners, they are healthier than that pie from days of yore, and I think tastier, too. Plus. they're gluten free, so both mom and I (we both have celiac) can eat them. And by the way, Mom, thanks for teaching me how to cook and bake! You are the best.


Andrea Meyers of Andrea's Recipes, Grandma's Coconut Cake

This coconut cake recipe comes to me from my mother, which she got from my grandmother who got it from my great aunt. It's been in the family for over 100 years and is a cherished heirloom.


Ice box cake
Ice Box Cake
Meaghan Mountford of The Decorated Cookie, Ice Box Cake

Growing up, my mom made ice box cake for almost every occasion and holiday. Now I do the same. It’s easy to make, perfectly classic, and brings me right back to childhood.


Robin Berger of Hippo Flambe, Chinese Hamburger With Peas

My mother died when I was 12 and I did not get a chance to know her when I was an adult. But when I make one of her recipes it allows me to connect with her again. And though she didn't enjoy cooking, my love of it began in the kitchen with her; many times I had the role of browning the meat for her Chinese Hamburger with Peas recipe.


Leslie Green of The Hungry Housewife, Strawberry-Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

When I created these Strawberry-Cucumber Tea Sandwiches it brought up so many fond memories. I love love love having proper tea. I have loved it for as long as I can remember. Since the age of 5, my Mom used to get my sister and I all dressed up in our white patent leather shoes and frilly hats and take us to the tea house for no other reason than to make mother-daughter memories. The tradition continues to this day. While I might not wear the white shiny shoes, having tea with my Mom still means as much to me today as it did when I was 5.


Polenta Crust Pizza
Polenta Crust Pizza
Damaris of Kitchen Corners, Polenta Crust Pizza

Polenta Crust Pizza was one of my favorite things to make with my children. It felt so good involving them in the entire process or picking a recipe, gathering the ingredients, and making it together. My favorite memories as a mom are cooking with my kids.


Merry-Jennifer Markham of The Merry Gourmet, Grandmother's Chess Pie

Growing up, I associate chess pie with family. It was the dessert that showed up for every major holiday or family gathering, the one we ate over cups of milk -- or coffee for the grown-ups. My grandmother made this for years, until her age and health led her to stop cooking regularly. I was blessed to have the recipe passed down from my grandmother to my mother and now to me. And one day, to my daughter.


Images via What's Gaby Cooking; The Little Foodie; Elana's Pantry; The Decorated Cookie; Kitchen Corners

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