New Blog Exposes World’s Worst Tippers -- Are You on the List?

bad tipIn today's modern times, it is safe to say that the blog (or Twitter) is mightier than the sword. Many a people have been busted, ratted out, called out (blacked out) on some blog or another for all the world to see. Usually it's celebrities, but the latest victims are regular ol' people. People who happen to be really crappy tippers.

Yep, no longer can you get away with leaving a 68-cent tip on a $73 bill (well, you can, but it'll be blogged) because a new blog,, which is run by a Brooklyn-based delivery boy, is calling you out, ya cheapskates.

At first, the blog listed the people's names and addresses -- which is both kind of hilarious and kind of insane. Tumblr, the blog host, made the guy, Larry Fox, take them down. However, all the gory details of horribly cheap people are still up there. And you won't believe what you see.


Fox posts pictures of bills with 50-cent tips and recounts tales of trekking through snow storms to get people their food -- only to receive 20 cents on a $20 order. He also has fellow food service folk submit their photos and tales. My personal favorite is the photo of a $281 bill, with a DOLLAR tip. If you can afford to get close to $300 worth of groceries delivered, you should be able to tip more than that!

Now, I am not a delivery kind of gal. I could definitely count on one hand how many times my husband and I have "ordered in" since we've known each other. And you want to know why? Because we rarely have cash on us! We're debit card for two ice cream cones kind of folk. However, when it comes to restaurants, we don't mess around with the tipping -- unless the service is completely abysmal. We always tip 20% -- which, after learning that the name of Fox's blog is "15 percent," that may change. Our tipping comes partly out of "it's the right thing to do," but mainly out of guilt. We're not exactly high-falutin' peeps, but we wouldn't dream of not tipping at curb-side check-in, hair salons, valet parking, and particularly restaurants. It's amazing that there are so many people out there who don't share that same sentiment. Who knew?

However, because there is so much content on the blog, I can't help but wonder why the author doesn't just quit his job. I mean, it really seems like he hates it. Why not just try to get a job at a book store or something, where your cash flow doesn't depend on other people? But, then again, where would the blog fun be in that?

What are your thoughts on tips?


Image via 15 Percent

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