6 DIY Edible Arrangements Perfect for Mother's Day

edible arrangementsPrepare to blacklist me from the motherhood hall of fame, but I hate getting flowers for Mother's Day. Sure, they're pretty. But I can't do much with them, and they're dead in a week -- if the cats haven't tried to munch their way through them first. But the growing move toward edible arrangements has come to my rescue.

Flowers made from fruits and veggies are cute when they're handed over, but the eating them is the real fun, especially eating them WITH my daughter. You want to bond with your kid? Try "who can throw the grape into the other one's mouth" contests. Giggles work every time.

There are a bunch of companies that make these tasty flower bouquets, but I've got a better idea. Merge the handmade mother's day gift with the bouquet -- and let your kids make an edible arrangement themselves. Check out this DIY list that's easy enough for little hands (with a little help from Dad):


Tasty Daisy Fruit Bouquet: Big bursts of pineapple make the flower petals, and canteloupe balls are the centers in this simple arrangement from Edible Crafts Online. Great for moms who are craving the sunshine.

Carrot Flowers: Easy, peasy is the name of the game with these simple flowers from The Kitchn. Just arrange on a pretty platter or throw on top of a nice pasta salad, and Mom's got a nice meal plus her floral note.

Radish Roses: A big bouquet of fresh roses are pretty standard Mother's Day fare. Now turn it into something she can pop in her salad with these easy tips from Gardens Ablaze.

Radish Flowers in Mini Pots: You've already got the radishes? Well bring on the squash centers and the little pots for a cute addition to Mom's breakfast-in-bed platter courtesy of Vegetable Fruit Carving.

Lollipop Flowers: Easter came late this year, and Mother's Day is early. Which means you probably have some candy left lying around the house. If you've got little kids who can't manage some of the harder tasks, how about some Easter Candy turned Lollipop Flowers courtesy of Make and Takes? Just spear their favorite marshmallows and chocolates, then arrange them in a pretty vase.

Apples and Oranges: Don't compare the two, put them together in a yummy but healthy take on the lollipop courtesy of Garnish Food. 

Are you a bouquet fan? Would you rather have flowers or "flowers" on Mother's Day?


Image via Perfecto Insecto/Flickr

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