'Baby' Cake Might Be Most Hilariously Disturbing Dessert Ever (VIDEO)

baby cakeHas anyone ever called you “babycakes"? If you thought it was gross and weird before, you’re about to need an eyeball-scrub. Because the words “baby” and “cake” are about to be used together in a way you really never expected.
Dan Gentle, the cake’s creator, is a self-taught cake designer who says he “was getting really bored with traditional cakes and ... thought I would take my coworker’s baby shower cake to an unexpected level.” Understandably, he was so focused on making it look amazing that, well, he forgot what happens next. “It never crossed my mind that it would eventually need to be cut and served!” he says. “On the video [which you can see after the jump], you can hear me ask, ‘Should I cut the face off?!’"


All he meant, he says, was that he suddenly realized this was weird, and maybe it would be less weird if he, you know, put the face somewhere else. Humor-challenged Internet commenters have taken this as a sign that he’s a wannabe baby killer, and have actually made death threats! Because nothing says “I love babies” like a good old-fashioned death threat!
But Gentle’s coworkers found it hilarious, if warped -- and I don’t know about you, but “warped” is my favorite kind of humor. One of them immediately asked him to make a similar cake for her daughter’s baptism -- a totally normal one! Very sweet! In fact, most of Gentle’s cakes are perfectly normal.
Then again, if you’ve ever wanted a gory, gross cake that looks like a decapitated deer head (seriously, don’t click if you don’t like strawberries that look like guts) ... well, let’s just say this guy really runs the gamut.
Poor Dan Gentle! He posted the video just for friends and family and had no idea it’d go viral. I’ll admit, I can barely watch it, but that’s part of the fun! Of course, to celebrate his video getting 500,000 hits, he made a second baby cake -- a red velvet version. And this weekend, he’s making a Conan O’Brien carrot cake with ginger buttercream. Will Coco feel threatened and call the FBI?
Bottom line: I find this cake funny, wrong in the right way, and much less offensive than those creepy real-life dolls that irony-free people pretend to care for as if they were preemies.

What do you think: funny, freaky, or both?

Photo via aintsogentle/Flickr (used with permission)

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