Royal Wedding Cake Contains Secret Messages


wedding cakeHere you thought the Royal Couple was having a nice, simple, "austerity times" luncheon. Well, did you know that their wedding cake actually contains secret messages in the flowers? That those flowers are actually code?

Okay, it's not as sinister as that. Kate and Will's wedding cake -- the fancy one, not the silly chocolate "biscuit" groom's cake -- was decorated with 17 different flower designs all symbolizing different meanings according to the Language of Flowers. (There's a Language of Flowers? Is that what wee English fairies speak?) Keep reading to find out what Kate the Great's cake said.

Famed pastry chef Fiona Cairns used the Joseph Lambeth Method of cake decorating, a fancy way of piping 3D images and designs on a cake. It has eight tiers and took five weeks to make, which begs the question: how does a cake that old taste? Well, it's fruit cake inside, so, you know... Oh, never mind that. We all know wedding cake tastes like sawdust to every bride, and anyway, what's up with the flowers?

Here they are, the flowers of merry England and their language of love for the new couple:

  • Acorns, Oak Leaf: Strength, endurance
  • Apple Blossom: Preference, Good Fortune
  • Daffodil: National symbol of Wales, new beginnings
  • Daisy: Innocence, Beauty, Simplicity
  • Honeysuckle: The Bond of Love
  • Ivy: Wedded Love, Marriage
  • Jasmine (White): Amiability
  • Lavender: ardent attachment, devotion, success, and luck
  • Lily-of-the-Valley: Sweetness, Humility
  • Myrtle: Love
  • Orange Blossom: Marriage, Eternal Love, Fruitfulness
  • Rose (Bridal): Happiness, Love.
  • Shamrock: National symbol of Ireland
  • Sweet William: Grant me one smile
  • Thistle: National symbol of Scotland
  • White Heather: Protection, Wishes will come true
  • White Rose: National symbol of England

Speaking of that daffodil, symbol of Wales, the young couple will be living in Northern Wales after the wedding. I think Kate will need all the strength and endurance (acorns, oak leaf) she can get to remain her own person in the Royal Family. And come on, can you resist "granting one smile" for that Sweet William?

Shockingly enough I was NOT granted a press pass to the event in order to snap my own photos, a slight I am still trying to overlook! See images of the real Royal Wedding Cake via the British Monarchy's Flickr Account. Ah the modern age, when even the creaky old British Monarchy has a Flickr account!

Image above via Afroswede/Flicker

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nonmember avatar lilkunta

So fruit cake doesnt go bad? Is that why a 5 week oldcake is okay?

What is a groom biscuit cake?

nonmember avatar Adriana

Yup, fruitcake is typically loaded with preserved fruit and alcohol and can last (according to legend) years! Biscuit cake almost would have been worth a post on its own. Basically it's a cake with layers of English tea cookies (biscuits) baked inside.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

A proper rich and dark fruit cake takes months to make because it needs to be baked and then filled with booze. My wedding cake had that on the bottom layer and chocolate sponge cake on the top and the bakery called me four months before to make sure I still wanted it before they baked it. Traditionally the top layer is kept for the christening of the first baby. A lot of bakeries include a redecorating fee in the cost of the cake; they'll chip off the old and discolored icing then redecorate it for the christening.

Nicho... NicholasMama608

I thought the top layer was kept for the first anniversary?

Mitzi Hathaway

As a floral designer, I am surprised that people did not know that flowers have meanings that are universal. Do not have to be British to know them. Of course they would not use flowers that did not represent anything but the best well wishes. Even her simplistic bridal bouquet was chosen for the meaning of the flowers.Obviously you have never made a traditional fruitcake.They take time to obsorb the alcohol and flavours.  I think the "silly" biscuit cake sounds divine. Cookies surrounded in Chocolate Ganche. Oh yes!

KamiB79 KamiB79


elasmimi elasmimi

Flowers or not, I'd have been going for the groom's cake.

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