Heart Attack Lasagna 2.0: Now 'Only' 11K Calories! (VIDEO)

lasagnaFriends, a disturbing food trend is emerging in our culinary landscape: Gargantuan, heart attack-inducing lasagnas made with the most unhealthy ingredients imaginable. The inherent irony in this new trend? The fact that it makes us both gag and salivate all at the same time.

Earlier this week we introduced you to the Fast Food Lasagna, which weighed in at 5,463 grams of fat and 71,488 calories. Today we're shining the light on the Mac 'n' Cheese Meat Lasagna. True, this one disappoints at "only" 11K calories, but never fear: The list of ingredients is no less nauseating/appealing ...


Essentially, the Mac 'n' Cheese Meat Lasagna, as the video so artfully demonstrates, is likely what would happen if the kids were let loose in the kitchen and had unrestricted access to all their favorite foods.

  • Chicken nuggets (68 g fat, 1,104 calories)
  • Sausage (176 g fat, 1,980 calories)
  • Bacon (96 g fat, 1,104 calories)
  • Hot dogs (150 g fat, 1,800 calories)
  • Cheese sauce made from: Velveeta (120 g fat, 1,600 calories); Cheese Whiz (91 g fat, 1,170 calories); Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese packets (24 g fat, 1,560 calories); shredded cheddar cheese (72 g fat, 880 calories)

The whole monstrosity clocks in at 797 grams of fat and 11,198 calories. Not quite 71K. But keep in mind that the Fast Food Lasagna requires more than a few trips to the drive-thru, while the Mac version can be made using ingredients you likely already have in your freezer/refrigerator/pantry. (That's either a refreshing or frightening thought.)

Here's a scary thought: How will the next batch of lasagna-makers raise the stakes even higher? Do we have a lasagna layered with donuts, fast food apple pies, and frosting? Or how about one with French Fries, potato chips, and mayo? I shudder to think as my stomach rumbles ...

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