Paula Deen Diabetes Scandal Is Bad News for Us All


paula deenThere's a nasty rumor going around that Food Network star Paula Deen has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I'm hoping to god for her sake -- and ours, too! -- there's no truth to it. Unfortunately, if we are to believe the tabloids, the outlook is not so good.

The National Enquirer was first with the story, reporting that friends of the 64-year-old chef said she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago, yet has kept the illness a secret from her fans. Now, the Daily Mail and Eater are running with it, too.

First, my condolences and best wishes go to Paula Deen and her family. I've been a fan of hers since seemingly the beginning of time, and the possibility that she has this life-threatening illness deeply saddens and concerns me.

That said, of course, I'm hoping she realizes her responsibility to come clean to her fans. She owes it to us, don't you think?

Paula Deen, affectionately known to her fans as "The Butter Queen," has become rich and supernaturally famous by touting a diet of unhealthy Southern-style cooking. Even if she's not your favorite chef, it's likely you have at least one favorite recipe that happens to be from Paula Deen -- mine is her Red Velvet Cake. And, it's also likely that particular recipe calls for ungodly amounts of butter, sugar, and fat.

See that's the thing about Paula Deen. She's never apologized or tried to hide her predilection for unhealthy cooking, which has spun off into a veritable money-making empire of books, restaurants, TV shows, cookware, and who knows what else. But it's that very same cooking that contributes to the obesity epidemic and can bring on diabetes. It did exactly that for her -- except that's what she doesn't want us to see.

It makes sense why she wouldn't want to admit she has the illness. As a family friend of Deen's told the Enquirer:

When Paula was diagnosed with diabetes I think she was worried that if her secret got out, it would make her look like a hypocrite.

But Paula is already so larger than life and popular with fans, surely they'd be forgiving and supportive of her honesty. Plus, if she advised her millions of fans to cut the large portions of high-fat, high-calorie foods from their diets -- like she is rumored to be doing to be healthier -- think of how many lives that could save! We could still enjoy her decadent recipes, just on a more occasional basis. And there would be an opportunity for Paula to expand into the delicious, healthy recipe market -- oh the possibilities!

After all, if the Cookie Monster has amended his message to "a cookie is a sometimes food," then surely the relentlessly charming Paula Deen can come up with something, too.


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Never have I heard her state that her style of cooking is in the best interest for healthy eating- nor do I recall her ever claiming that people SHOULD eat the way she cooks... she just offers delicious recipes from a particular part of the world.

I don't see her as a hypocrite or even believe her personal health matters- people are free to make their own decisions, and educated people know that eating like that ALL THE TIME is not good for you. Common sense says that there should be a balance- and it is NOT Paula's job to give you that balance. Her job is to give you what she does best.

Madel... MadelynMc

Too bad butter and fat don't cause Diabetes. Sugar and refined carbohydrates sure do, though. Carbs>broken down into sugar in the body>huge spike in blood sugar>huge release of insulin to combat high blood sugar. After a while, your body becomes resistant to the excessive amount of insulin and you develop insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome. And then diabetes. It's been proven numerous times that saturated fat actually raises good cholesterol. It's not the butter that's killing you! :)

Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

No where did I say that "butter and fat cause diabetes." Butter and fat contribute to obesity which is related to diabetes. I also said her recipes have a lot of sugar, and as you said, eating a lot of sugar can cause diabetes.

bills... billsfan1104

First of all, she doesn't owe you or anyone else an explanation of her health condition or to inform you either. Its none of your business. She doesn't preach healthy cooking nor does she pretend what she does is healthy. She has said on numerous occasions that she is not a doctor. If you are so damn insistant that she release her medical records, why don't you release yours, so that we can go over it with a fine toothed comb?

Madel... MadelynMc

Paragraph 5. You mention butter twice and close with "ungodly amounts of butter, sugar and fat."

Just sayin. Leave butter out of this.

nonmember avatar Just sayin

Diabetes is highly correlated with morbid obesity. Deen is not morbidly obese, so if she does have diabetes, it's most likely a combination of genetics and lifestyle.

FWIW the blame game helps no one.

I sincerely wish only the best for Ms. Deen, her family, and her viewership, regardless of their size or health status because I am a medical professional and blaming fat people for their fat is the number one way to make them depressed, which makes them eat, which makes them fatter. If you're not part of the solution at least try not to contribute to the attitudes behind the problem.

missa... missann302

her recipe for red velvet cake is wonderful.  I use it every year for christmas and thanksgiving.

Deb Houser


nonmember avatar Kathy

She is not a hypocrite. People make their own choices on how and what to eat. NOBODY needs to tell another adult how to eat. Goverment and media should mind their own business. KEEP COOKING PAULA!

Patricia Teel

This is a terrible article by a small minded writer.

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