'Top Chef Masters' Recap: 'The Biggest Loser' Challenge

Allison SweeneyTonight's big challenge on Top Chef Masters was seemingly impossible. The chefs were asked to cook for the contestants of The Biggest Loser and prepare lower-calorie versions of their favorite foods -- MUCH lower calorie. 

From deep-dish pizza to bacon cheeseburgers, many of the individual favorites had 2,000-3,000 calories each. The chefs were grouped into two teams and tasked with creating a day's worth of meals from the favorites plus dessert for under 1,500 calories total. It kind of made the cooking with bugs task from last week seem easy.


It was pretty amazing and inspirational to see what they could do with so few calories. From French toast made from spelt bread to a whole-wheat and veggie version of a deep-dish pizza, many of the contestants seemed genuinely happy with the healthier versions of their favorites. Seeing the calorie differences was amazing.

Even more amazing was that even with the brownie dessert, plus all three meals, both teams came in well under 1,500 calories for the day. The winner was Floyd Cardoz with his take on a meatball sub, using buffalo meat.

The biggest loser when it came to the chefs was Savir Saran. Instead of giving Irene something close to the bacon cheeseburger and fries she craved, he gave her what he wanted her to eat -- no meat. He's made it known loud and clear throughout the season that he's a vegetarian and thinks everyone else should be too. Tonight he lost his pulpit.

The judges called his blob of veggie mixture "a lecture on a plate," and he pissed off Hugh Acheson big time with his meat is murder to your heart and arteries speech to the diners and judges right before Hugh served his flank steak. His conviction is admirable, but it was pretty inappropriate.

Some minor drama ensued between Savir and Hugh, but no worries (or hopes?) of it continuing to brew as Savir was sent packing.

Which dish from tonight's show would you most like to try? Did you think Savir was out of line with his meat-bashing speech?

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