5 Foodies We'd Love to See Naked

padma lakshmi"Nudie Foodie" is much more than a clever play on words. It's a collective of 18 food bloggers from around the country who have banded together to raise money to help the victims of the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in Japan. How will they do this? It's quite simple, actually: They're creating a cookbook with each blogger contributing a favorite recipe complete with photos featuring the necessary ingredients and themselves in various stages of undress.

So what does nakedness have to do with food? Besides being a great way to drum up hype and money for their cause, not all that much. But the "Nudie Foodie" concept is definitely catchy and got us thinking about other foodies we'd love to see naked. Allow us a little fantasizing if you will ...


We got to see Padma Lakshmi almost naked on last season of Top Chef when she delivered one of the challenges in a bikini; the image has been burned in my brain -- in a wonderful way -- ever since. That's probably the most we'll ever see of her, though; she's way too classy for anything more.


jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver (of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution) is an obvious pick for our list. He wasn't the original "Naked Chef" for nothing.


cat cora

When Cat Cora is kicking a** as the only female Iron Chef, it's easy to forget that she's really hot, too.


sam talbot

Ask any Top Chef fan which contestant in the history of the show is the hottest, and more often than not they'll say: Sam Talbot, who currently owns two restaurants (one in NYC and one in Montauk).


giada delaurentiis

Of course, it wouldn't be a "sexy chef" list without Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis. If only the rest of us could eat Italian food all the time and still look this hot.

Which foodie would you like to see disrobed?


Images via david_shankbone/Flickr; Jamie Oliver; greginhollywood/Flickr; Sam Talbot; The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas/Flickr

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