Pippa Middleton Is Becoming Maid of Honor From Hell

pippa middletonFirst of all, how amazing is Kate Middleton's sister's name? Pippa Middleton. Pippa, Pippa, Pippa! Best. Name. Ever. Second of all, how awful are her food and decorating ideas for the Royal Wedding? Tack-a-licious. (I think my college English professor just resigned.)

Pippa thinks it would be a fantastical idea to erect glitter balls in the throne room where a post-wedding breakfast disco will be taking place. And she also wanted to use the catering company her work uses for the celebration. Prince Charles, who is the cash behind the event, put the kibosh on it, demanding they use his favorite restaurant instead. However ... the glitter balls are a stayin'.

We could chalk all of this up to immaturity, or simply bad taste, but the weird thing is -- this is what Pippa does for a living!


Pippa is actually a professional party-planner. She works a couple days a week at the upscale party company Table Talk, and the rest of her time is spent writing for her parents' website Party Pieces (clearly, pertaining to all things party). And it is because of this that I am confounded at her royally crappy ideas. Glitter balls? Maybe at gay night at the Roxbury. Maybe on Dancing With the Stars. But at the Royal Wedding? Blasphemy! Off with her head!

Doesn't matter what I think, though, Prince William and Kate Middleton are pro-balls (whatever, guys). So much so that they fought to have them at the party when people tried to stop it. According to a source:

William stepped in and insisted that he wanted the evening event to be very different from the formal champagne and canapé reception being thrown by the Queen immediately after the wedding. He wants to it be very young and cool, so the old guard caved in and gave their approval.

Well, I do really like the idea of Wills and Kate keeping it young and cool. But does that have to be done with glitter balls? Pass out kooky sunglasses. Throw glow sticks into the crowd. Anything but glitter balls. 

Whatever. What do I know? Maybe I just have to see the glittery things to understand how they'll work. Tell you what, guys, just shoot me an Evite to the ol' shindig, I'll hop a red-eye Thursday night, and I'll see how they look in person. Hey, I just might change my mind.

What do you think of Pippa's party ideas?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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