Makers of Cupcake Vodka Must Have Been Drunk


cupcake vodkaSo, is it the chefs, the vodka makers, or the marketers who think we're all a bunch of big, stupid idiots. The latest booze, fad, concoction, whatever, is cupcake-flavored vodka. The hell?

Just because cupcakes are this crazy fad (soon to be replaced by pies, FYI. Sorry, the truth hurts) and vodka drinks are popular, and both are delicious, doesn't mean they go well together! Not even a little.

This reminds me of something I would have done when I was 5 -- take a bunch of delicious stuff and mashed it together. Ooh, look, Doritos! Hey, marshmallows! And a dollop of chocolate syrup! Voila! Barf.

Actually, the thing that bums me out the most about this marriage of food and drink is that the makers got it backwards. It should have been vodka-flavored cupcakes.

Well, let me clarify. Not necessarily vodka-flavored, but vodka-injected cupcakes. They would have all the benefits of cupcakes (decadence, deliciousness), and they would also get you hammered. Awesome, right? It could take the flavors of the cupcake vodkas -- chiffon, frosting, original, and devil's food -- and just turn them into real cupcakes. With vodka inside. Boom, you're welcome.

I mean, that would be something original, right? It seems like every day there's a new drink or vodka coming out -- we've all heard of the other very poorly executed vodka, Bacon Vodka. Cupcake vodka is not much different. Well, flavor-wise I'd imagine it is, but concept-wise -- eh, you get what I'm saying. 

I just really wish that peeps would stop trying to take advantage of peeps now that everybody and their grandmother are a foodie. Yes, people are really into food these days, but that doesn't make us idiots. In fact, it should do the opposite -- we are all now schooled in the art of num-num, so we should know that vodka+cupcake flavor=bad.

I shall not be drinking the new cupcake vodka. However, if I had one too many of my famous vodka cupcakes, who knows what I'll do?

What do you think of cupcake vodka?


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nonmember avatar Wine lover

Seriously? You may want to do your research before blogging. It is not cupcake flavored vodka. Cupcake is a very well known wine brand. Nice try though.

Roses... Rosesandlilys

I had the pleasure, along with a friend of mine, of finish of a bottle of Whipped Cream flavored vodka one time. The hangover OH the hangover. The extra sugar involved in making such flavors not only makes the vodka hit you quicker, but the next day cleanup is.... well, you get the idea. I think I would definitely MUCH rather have a vodka cupcake then cupcake vodka. 

Nicole Peña

That BRAND of vodka makes chiffon, devils food, frosting and original. Not cupcake flavored. And after trying whip cream flavored vodka I could imagine cupcake flavored being pretty good on the rocks.

Nicole Peña

Rosesandlilys- Cupcake is a wine company. They also just came out with a line of vodka.

nonmember avatar pixiej

It is a cupcake flavored vodka produced by the same vineyard that makes the cupcake wines. Cant we all do some shots and get along

LveMy... LveMy2K1dS

I've heard of whipped cream vodka and also cotton candy. I have also heard of chocolate and chocolate rasberry wine. Haven't tried any of them yet!

Roz Crandall

Cupcake vodka? No thanks. Vanilla Vodka? Yes, please, maybe with some whipped cream vodka & chocolate vodka (& so on). Some are better than others. It can add a neat twist to an old drink, OT, when added to a pudding shot? AWESOME!

Roses... Rosesandlilys

I know I saw lol thats why I deleted my comment. 

Nicole Peña

Here's a link to the same company's wine

Roz Crandall

@Wine lover Cupcake flavored vodka appears to exist, might want to do your research before commenting?

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