5 Steps to a Fabulous Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Chips and salsaMay is just days away, which means one of the best party occasions of the year is near -- Cinco de Mayo. Whether you have any Hispanic heritage or not, this holiday is a party planner's dream.

The time of year is right -- warm, but not too hot -- but everything else about the cuisine, the music, and the mood for the party is muy caliente! It's a spicy, sexy way to lead into summer. Plus, there are mandatory margaritas involved -- how can you go wrong? Here are five easy steps for throwing your own Cinco de Mayo party:



From margarita glasses to sombreros, there's a sea of themes to choose from when it comes to sending out your invite. Whether you do it by actual paper invitation or online, a creative invite always sets the tone of a good night. "No time for siesta, we're having a fiesta!"


Red, green, and white are, of course, your go-to colors. Vases filled with miniature Mexican flags, pinatas, colorful paper flowers, and bowls of dried chili peppers make fun centerpieces. Mexican blankets make festive tablecloths, and sombreros sitting about not only look nice, but will surely be donned by all as the night goes on. Mexican hat dance, anyone?


Appetizers like fresh salsa, queso, and guacamole are easy and good to feed a crowd. These homemade jalapeno poppers are also amazing. For a main course, enchiladas or this King Ranch Casserole are easy to prepare ahead of time. A taco bar with an assortment of toppings is always a hit as well. For dessert, Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes are the perfect sweet-and-spicy treat.


The aforementioned margaritas, of course, are in order. Mexican beer, mojitos, and sangria are also good choices. This non-alcoholic lemon-lime drink is great for non-drinkers and kids.


No, favors aren't necessary, but they're fun and a nice little gesture people will remember. Something like festively packaged servings of Mexican wedding cookies or small jars of homemade salsa will be enjoyed by all.

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Any party planning tips?

Image via Ladycliff/Flickr

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