4 Royal Wedding Inspired Foods for the Cool People

royal wedding pizzaIf I was princess-to-be Kate Middleton, I'd stare at myself in the mirror for hours I don't know if I'd be more flattered to see my face "honored" on a pizza pie or appalled. I mean it's not every day that a lady can say her image has been re-created using pepperoni, olives, and mushrooms.

But hell, I would so totally be honored to have my own donut! Or my own cookies! Or oooooh, my own customized refrigerator!

It's official: Royal Wedding fever has swept the world. Take a look at these other foodie items, made special for the big day, that are on sale for us common folk now! Sure, you may be sick of all the hype, but at least this part is tasty!


royal wedding donut

The Royal Wedding donut from Dunkin' Donuts is one of the easiest ways to honor the newlyweds, and cheapest too! Available from April 24 to April 29, the sugar rush will only cost you 89 cents!

royal wedding cake

What's a wedding without a cake, right? The Royal Wedding ice cream cake, filled with chocolate mousse ice cream, starts at $29.99. Complete with white and blue English roses, the creation can be customized using your fave flavors. I'll take a two-tiered version with strawberry, please!

royal wedding cookies

Nothing screams marital bliss like Royal Wedding sugar cookies, right? These delights from Etsy come in tons of cute shapes and sizes, like crowns, hearts, the Union Jack, and more! And for $14 for a dozen, it's a sweet deal!

royal wedding beer

And then of course, there's always Royal Wedding beer to lift your spirits. Actually, this limited-edition beer from Brew Dog may, erm, lift more than that. The beer contains herbal Viagra, chocolate, and goat weed. The company's website says, "The Royal Virility Performance is the perfect antidote for all the hype." Right, or something like that.

Really, I don't know if I've ever celebrated anything if food wasn't involved. And since the nuptials start at 4 a.m. EST, getting up early means you deserve an extra special treat, anyway.

Which one of these Royal Wedding goodies would you buy? Will you be watching this Friday?

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