Jon Bon Jovi Charity Restaurant Proves He Really Is God

jon bon joviGet ready to swoon like you're 16  ... and "Never Say Goodbye" is on the radio: Jon Bon Jovi, sweetheart that he is, will be opening a low-cost to no-cost café called Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, New Jersey, where diners can work as volunteers in exchange for meals. AND this venture is just a small part of what the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation does to help the homeless (I know, he has his own charitable foundation! See, he really is God, just like we thought in high school).

Just yesterday the planning board in Red Bank gave Bon Jovi's foundation the thumbs-up to convert an auto repair shop into the community restaurant, which will follow in the footsteps of other no-pay eateries in Denver and Salt Lake City, and could be open as early as July 4th. The idea is simple: if you can afford to pay, go right ahead; if you can't, wash a few dishes or help out in some other way.


It's a great idea, a gift that will keep on giving. It's also the polar opposite of  what's going on at the other end of the celebrity restauranteur spectrum, where Flava Flav's Iowa-based fried chicken restaurant is closing after just four months, partly because employees' paychecks were bouncing. Geez Flav, that's not very philanthropic of you. Look down at that clock around your neck, 'cause it's time for you to take a lesson from the gorgeous generous Jon Bon Jovi.

Perhaps a partnership is in order? I'm no reality TV tycoon, but maybe I should be, because tell me this isn't billion-dollar idea: A reality show about Jon Bon Jovi AND Flava Flav opening a restaurant for the homeless. The Flava of Fried Chicken, perhaps? Unfortunately, a more appropriate title for the joint venture would probably end up being You Give Chicken a Bad Name, but the show would still be entertaining as all get-out.

Would you watch a show about Flav and JBJ frying up chicken for a good cause?


Image via VersusLiveQuizShow/Flickr

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