World's Most Unhealthy Lasagna Has 71,000 Calories (VIDEO)

fast food lasagnaSeparate, lasagna and burgers are delicious in their own ways. Just thinking of the cheesy, saucy goodness of an Italian classic has me drooling on my keys. But what happens when you combine the two favorites together? Well the guys from Epic Meal Time, a website devoted to creating (and then eating!) crazy, fatty food concoctions, wanted to find out. Enter fast food lasagna, made primarily with 45 burgers, liquor, cheese, and bacon.

The entire lasagna has 5,463 grams of fat and 71,488 calories. Oh, and by the way, that's without the onion rings they use to top it with! See the ingredient breakdown and how the epic meal prep goes down, here:


What's inside:

  • Jack Daniels homemade meat sauce (558 g fat, 8,053 calories)
  • 15 McDonald's Big Macs and 1 liter of Big Mac sauce (660 g fat, 10,245 calories)
  • 15 Wendy's Baconators (885 g fat, 14,100 calories)
  • 15 A&W Teen Burgers (390 g fat, 7,500 calories)
  • Bacon for layering (1,500 g fat, 16,000 calories)
  • Cheese for layering (165 g fat, 8,500 calories)

... and alas, I'm rendered speechless. OK, almost. First of all, dare I say that meat sauce actually looks delicious? I don't even like Jack! And they have a pretty good idea topping it all off with those onion rings for a good ol' crisp.

The surprising facts? The calorie breakdown, per serving, isn't as absolutely wretched as I thought it would be. For the hell of it, let's say that this massive lasagna makes 30 servings. Fifteen burgers, each sliced and stacked in half; makes sense, right? That means each individual serving is roughly 182 grams of fat and 2,382 calories.

A 140-pound woman who maintains a moderate activity level requires roughly 2,355 calories per day. So an eensy weensy slice of this and, well, you're all set! And by all set, I mean you've just added a extra hundred few fat grams on to your normal daily intake. No big deal, really.

What do you think of fast food lasagna? Would you try something like this at home?

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