Chris Martin Nearly Has Tantrum at Gwyneth’s Party

gwyneth paltrowI often wonder what goes on behind closed doors at the Paltrow-Martin residence. The two rarely make appearances together, and divorce rumors seem to always be swirling around them, despite the fact that they've been married for forever in dog years. It's hard to get a read.

Not anymore. Well, not really, at least. Thanks to a recent party a la Gwynnie, we can all get a lee-ttle sneak peek behind the curtain to see how the Coldplay singer feels about his wife's newfound love of all things culinary. Hint: It's pretty similar to everybody else's. 


So, check it. A few nights ago, Gwyneth held a dinner party to celebrate her ubiquitous cookbook, My Father's Daughter. All the stars came out. Jay-Z, Christy Turlington, the Seinfelds, Cameron Diaz, A-Rod. You know, just your regular ol' dinner party. Apparently, Chris did not want to be there -- and had no problem letting it be known

According to a recent New Yorker piece, the singer arrived at the party cranky, and his publicist warned, "He doesn't want to talk."

And I mean, can you blame the guy? Here he is, this musical genius, and he now has to yuck it up with foodies, acting like his wife's duck confit is "to die for." Truth be told, the party I wasn't invited to sounds awful in general. A few of my favorite highlights:

Mario Batali was apparently walking around in pink cargo shorts, saying things about Gwyneth like, “She eats like a truck driver. I once watched her eat an entire pan of paella as big as a manhole cover.” Riiiiight. Sure, she did.

Michael Stipe reminiscing about how: “Once, a duck she was cooking caught fire, and she threw it in the pool."

And my personal favorite, when Jessica Seinfeld said:

You are all so lucky to be part of Gwyneth's world. Because this is the real deal. And she's invited all of you good people in here. I would never do that.

Could you imagine what it must have been like for Chris at that party? Don't musicians like to "keep it real"? None of that phony, kiss-ass stuff. Ugh, it had to have been a nightmare for the poor guy. And it has to be kind of exhausting "supporting" his wife these days in general lately -- the woman is non-stop.

I gotta say, despite the fact that he's in one of the most famous bands on planet earth and he's worth a gazillion dollars, I kinda feel bad for the guy. With his wife's recent hoity-toity cooking spree, the dude's probably dying for a burger. And some peace and quiet.

What do you think of Chris Martin's reaction to Gwyneth's dinner party?


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