Easter Candy Coma? 5 Ways to Save Your Family

Easter candyWell, that was fun. All the preparation and anticipation, choosing the colorful candies, stuffing the eggs and baskets to the brim with sweet treats, then watching the excitement in your little ones on Easter morning. Of course, you likely also watched their eyes bug out of their heads as they ingested more and more sugar throughout the day. To cope with their increasing energy, perhaps you started popping your own Peeps, and that was in addition to that damn bunny cake you made for dessert.

Many of us are walking around this week with one nasty sugar hangover, and there's no dulling it if you don't rid your house of all the rabbit brought, unless, of course, you're one of those who actually has willpower and the patience to deal with your kids' constant begging. For the rest of us, it's Mission Sack-the-Sugar.


It won't be easy, and you may have to pry that last jelly bean from your toddler's cold, grimy hand, but it can be done. Here are five ways to save your family from the Easter Candy coma:

Send It to the Troops

A little taste of home traditions can be a nice treat for our men and women serving overseas. You likely know someone who's serving or who has a friend or family member who is, but if not, a quick post on Facebook or call to your local church will help you quickly locate one. Sending to "Any Solider" won't work.

Deliver It to a Nursing Home

Sure, some of the residents may be on a restricted diet, but for others, a sweet treat -- especially when delivered by some young, smiling faces -- can be a nice surprise. Even if they don't eat it, they'll welcome the visit.

Make a Cake

This leftover candy cake recipe is actually quite delicious. Make it and take it to a sick neighbor, a friend in need, or someone you have been meaning to pay back for a kind deed. Your motive will be less obvious when you hand them a cake rather than just a bunch of random jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

Do Science Experiments

Now is the time to break that don't-play-with-your-food rule. Let them melt, concoct, and try to emulsify as much as they like. How long does it take to melt 140 peep bunnies in the sun? Then clean it all up and away for good. It may be a bit wasteful, but it's in the name of education.


Okay, not the most noble of routes, but if you already told them a big bunny brings them candy, what's the harm in telling them a fairy or wolf or whatever comes to take it away again a couple days later?

What do you do with the leftover Easter candy in your home?

Image via Qfamily/Flickr

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