Peeps at 75% Off: Sign Me Up!

PeepsDear Maker of Peeps,

You create, possibly, my favorite candy of all time. It just doesn't get any better than marshmallows covered in sugar ... in the shape of cute little bunnies. And to top it all off you deliver so many fabulous colors of bunnies! You really bring out the kid in me — every. single. year!

You see, as a child I was deprived. We don't celebrate Easter and so there were never any peeps to hunt for in our backyard. But as an adult I have taken things into my own hands. I go peep crazy ... but I do it the day after Easter! Tomorrow, when Easter is officially over, I will head out to my local supermarket and get my peeps at a sweet 75% off! And then I will share them with my kids, and maybe even do a little bunny show with them.


Or maybe we will dip them in chocolate or create bunny garland for my daughter's birthday. Or possibly just set those bunnies in bunches all around the house to bring some spring colors into our home. Or, in honor of passover, I will have the kids help me make Sweet Peep Macaroons. Heck, at 75% off I think we can buy enough peeps to do all of these things!

But regardless of how we use our perfectly-priced peeps, I just wanted to let you know that their colorful sweetness makes me feel like spring is here ... even when it is dark and dreary outside. So, thank you!

Will you go buy some peeps on sale?



image via Joelk75/Flickr

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