Last-Minute Easter Sunday Tips for Procrastinating Parents & Bunnies

Easter BunnyBy now, the bonnets should have been bought, the eggs dyed, meal prepped, and the Easter Bunny fully prepared with loot for your little ones' baskets for the big day tomorrow -- Easter Sunday. Only if you're like me, you have a crowd of people coming for dinner and nothing yet to serve them, dye-less eggs begging for some color, and an ongoing prayer in your head: Please let there be jelly beans left when I make it to Target sometime tonight.

What can I say; it's been a busy week. I love Easter Sunday and all its traditions, and one way or another I'll get it all done. But it will be a race to the festive finish line, for sure. If you're like me, and still have a few things that need to be wrapped up before tomorrow morning (or all of them), here are some last-minute Easter tips.


How To Hard Boil Eggs

No matter how many times I set out to hard boil eggs, I almost never remember how to do it the next time. And there's nothing worse than cracking open an egg only to find the yolk hasn't been cooked enough. Here's a classic method for hard boiling eggs in case you have eggs yet to dye too.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Now you have the hard-boiled eggs, but not one of those dye packets? Or perhaps you want to try something new. Here are some fantastic new ways to decorate Easter eggs.

Easter Brunch Recipes

If you have people to feed and haven't yet started on the food, here are some great EASY brunch recipes. Each takes only six ingredients or less.

Easter Egg Hunt

The most of fun of the day to be had is watching your little ones hunting for eggs and screaming with delight each time they plop one in their basket. Here are some tips for making your Easter egg hunt safe and fun for everyone.

Easter Crafts

If you need something to keep your children busy while you do the above, here are some fun and easy Easter crafts to keep them occupied.

As for the bonnets, just skip 'em.

Are you ready for Easter? What do you have left to do? Please tell me I'm not the only one still this far behind?

Image via aussiegall/Flickr

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