Easter Candy Eggs Benedict & Peeps Pizza: So Gross You Gotta Try

easter smore peepsThere's nothing that says "SPRING!" quite like seeing that brightly colored aisle in your local drugstore filled with Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs. But by now, that aisle's been there for a few weeks, and if you jumped to buy the first batch laid out in stores, you may even have stale Easter candy lying around. What's one to do with that?? Make other food, of course!

It seems there's a counterculture of chefs out there who have been going out of their way to multitask with Easter candy. Why not? These candies only come around once a year (well, with the exception of those silly Peeps that have infiltrated holidays like Valentine's Day and Halloween in recent years), so why not use them up in loads of creative -- albeit somewhat crazy -- ways?


Okay, granted, using Peeps to build a S'more isn't all that strange, being that despite being techniCOLOR, they are technically marshmallows. But how about Peep ceviche? Oh yeah, you heard that right. Your conventional ceviche is made from raw fish marinated in citrus and spiced with chili peppers. But instead, you can use chopped Peeps (poor little duckies or bunnies!), fresh lime juice, chili peppers, and raw chopped strawberries on top of a dark chocolate dipped tortilla chip. Exotic ... and strangely appetizing, no? Keeping with the fish theme ... how would you feel about Peep sushi?

Or OMG -- Peep MOUSSE? What about using Cadbury Creme Eggs to make brownies or muffins? (Swoon.) Or Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict? A little weird, I know.

But now, a salted caramel and dark chocolate covered Peep?! Nooommmm! That is something I can DEFINITELY get behind. Well, then again, I'd go for salted caramel and dark chocolate covered just-about-anything. Mmm. I think before the season is out, I'll be smashing up my personal favorite (Cadbury Mini Eggs) to use instead of chocolate chips in cookies or brownies.

Sure, it all sounds like overkill ... but you're entitled to be a little gross around the holidays. Especially holidays that churn out tons of artificially dyed, sugar-bomb sweets as a part of the celebration. To be honest, I'm usually opposed to chemical-laden candy garbage, but I do indulge in some of that crap when it's out because it's a "once in a blue Peep" treat (hehe).

Although, while I'm big on combining salty with sweet, I draw the line at Peep pizza. That's just too gross to even think to try.

How do you feel about using Easter candy to make other recipes? Have you ever tried it?


Image via Foy Update

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