Did Mario Batali Kill Your Favorite Soap?

mario bataliI never got into the soap operas. In high school I was down with 90120 and Melrose Place, but that was where I drew the line. However, I do know a thing or two about coming between the ladies and their "stories." When I was younger, I did a cartwheel in my cousin's living room, accidentally hitting the remote when I landed, changing the channel from GH (that's General Hospital) to a Tide commercial. Whooo, did her head almost implode! And did mine almost get punched in!

Message received, ladies: Do not mess with your soaps. Unfortunately, I don't think Mario Batali ever got this memo, though. Godspeed, Chef B. Right now you're barking up the wrong tree.


Sure, the jolly red-headed chef is everywhere these days -- but it's not in an annoying Gwyneth Paltrow-y kind of way. You don't always see Chef Batali, but his presence is growing more and more pervasive. (Has anyone been to Eataly in NYC? Gorgeous!) However, he does have a daytime talk show debuting in September called The Chew, starring himself as well as What Not to Wear stylist Clinton Kelly (not sure what he has to do with food), Top Chef alum Carla Hall, Iron Chef America star Michael Symon, and nutrition expert Daphne Oz. Sounds cool, right? Eh, not to soap watchers. See, the show, along with another called The Revolution, is taking the place of fans' beloved All My Children and One Life to Live. Noooooooooo!

It's true. And fans are pissed off at Batali, as if he personally put an end to their shows. They're even asking him to cancel his show, so their soaps can continue. Y'all soap fans are cray cray! Eater, who published some of the funniest comments spewing venom at Batali from soap boards, inspired me to take a gander and see what I could find. Here are my three favorites:

Twizzler said: "What a buffoon...him and his dorky crocs that he always wears. I look forward to his show's cancellation with glee, a**hole!"

Mrs._Sam_Morgan said: "I'll watch his show if someone cuts off his hair and throws it in a pot of boiling water. He is so conceited for a doofus who wears crocs with a suit."

deeane said: "Here's a reality check for you Chef Mario: blow it out your rear, MORON."

Damn! That's harsh, girls. Your soaps weren't doing well -- it's not his fault they were cancelled! Don't worry, though, if it's any consolation, I hear the first episode is going to involve a crime of passion by an evil twin! Tune in!

What do you think of Mario Batali's new show taking the place of soap operas?


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