Nigella Lawson Needs a Bikini Lesson From Stephanie Seymour

Nigella LawsonThere are so many things to love about Nigella Lawson, where to start? Her recipes of course, which we never get sick of seeing over and over and over again on those episode repeats from like 10 years ago. But also that amazing attitude of, "yes I'm big and falling out of my blouse but I'm still gorgeous and I eat life and you should too!" How refreshing from a TV star -- especially when served with a side of Red Courant Slush Sorbet!

So what the heck, Gels, was up with your appearance on an Australian beach the other day in a burkini!? Yes, a full-piece bathing contraption designed specifically so Muslim women can get wet and stay modest. I understand why they wear those unflattering things, but not Nigella. Putting a burkini on "the queen of food porn" is just all kinds of wrong.


We like to think of Nigella as we continue to see her still on those food channel shows, which are at least six years old now, when she was still in her 40s, with her cleavage dangling over her brownies and grabbing a late-night snack and getting crumbs all over her lacy negligee as she eats out of the fridge. Because she looks AMAZING, thunder thighs and all.

Now she's 51, and while still gorgeous, her age is beginning to show. So maybe she's thinking it's time for an image change and better to start covering those curves up. But turning herself into a Cat Woman Ninja gone terribly wrong is not the way. Sometimes black is not slimming. Sometimes covering up has the opposite effect, as I would have shown you here, but it's really too distressing so I'm just linking to the Nigella Lawson burkini pictures here. You're welcome.

Now, Nigella, that lady is all class so we would not have expected her out in public in a full-on spaghetti strap bikini or anything, but a tankini or even a one-piece with one of those skort things -- or, even more concealing, a one-piece with one of those elegant wraps that go from waist to knees -- would be definitely more in keeping with the voluptuous Nigella we know and love.

As to Nigella's own excuse for the unfortunate beachside look? She claimed she donned the garb to protect her skin from the late afternoon sun, and I'm partly buying that -- at age 51 anyone would be challenged to find a line on that perfect porcelain skin. But this is taking sun protection a little too far.

You're beautiful, Nigella, and so is your not-so-perfect body. Show it off. Stephanie Seymour does. And no one is making fun of her, that's for sure.

Are you tempted to wear a burkini on the beach? What do you think of Nigella's look?


Image via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

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