6 Chilicious Fast Food Drinks Coming This Summer

starbucks frappucinoOut with the lattes and in with the lemonades! With warmer weather comes cooler beverages from some of our favorite fast food spots (can I get an AMEN!). And according to USA Today, beverages are the industry's most popular menu item during these months.

Want to see what some of your beloved chains are serving up this summer? Someone hand me a straw, I'm already drooling with excitement!


Mountain Dew Coolatta (Dunkin' Donuts)

The Double D is topping their latest snack menu with their first Mountain Dew Coolatta, available in some stores already. Just be careful if you let your kiddos get their hands on a Dewlatta. I foresee sugar highs across America.

Mocha Coconut and Coconut Creme Frappuccinos (Starbucks)

Two summer additions are coming back, the mocha coconut and coconut creme Frappuccinos. My favorite thing about these? Besides reminding me of the Caribbean, these drinks are under 200 calories when made "light." The Fraps hit stores May 3 and are only available for a limited time.

Jamocha Oreo Shake (Arby's)

The chain is planning to release its Jamocha Oreo Shake this May. A combination of their signature vanilla shake with coffee flavoring and Oreo pieces. It sounds delish. AND isn't that sorta fun to say? Jaaaa-mocha. I like.

Blackberry Shake (Jack in the Box)

The fast food giant, with locations mostly in the southwest, will be serving up a blackberry shake this summer. Made with vanilla ice cream blended with blackberry pieces, the frosty delight is served with whipped cream and a cherry.

Lemonades Galore (McDonald's and Dairy Queen)

I'm pretty positive that lemonade is the ultimate warm-weather staple. Lucky for me, McD's and DQ are on the same page. DQ is serving up Lemonade Chillers in regular and strawberry, and McDonald's is mixing the best of both worlds with frozen strawberry lemonade. Now, if I only had a little vodka here somewhere ...

Dual-Chamber Slurpees (7-Eleven)

The head honchos at 7-Eleven understand that it may be hard to pick just one flavor of their delicious Slurpee. Enter cups with dual chambers and a two-straw contraption that allows customers to drink two flavors at one time. It's magical, I know. With flavors like peach dragon fruit, kiwi strawberry, pina colada, Coca Cola, and banana -- the options are endless.

What summer drink catches your eye?


Image via basheertome/Flickr

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