Is the Royal Wedding Pizza the Cheesiest Souvenir Yet?

royal wedding pizzaYou know what's been missing from all the Royal Wedding paraphernalia that's been invading the world? A pizza that looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton! I mean, right, guys? There are Royal Wedding tea bags, a Royal Wedding refrigerator, Royal Wedding bookmarks! I personally am a bit shocked -- and to be honest, a little offended -- that it's taken this long for someone to create a Royal Wedding Pizza, complete with a mushroom veil and cascade of black olive hair.


Papa John's Pizza either heard my prayers or read my diary when they commissioned a portrait pizza of the happy couple in order to get in on the action celebrate the April 29 nuptials that surely will change mankind as we know it. Doesn't Prince William look dapper in his salami and pepper suit? How elegant does Kate look with the pepperoni flower in her veil? The Queen must be so proud.

No, seriously, I think this pizza is great. William and Kate look saucy on a pie, piping hot. They look the complete opposite of cheesy. And I totally don't think this is just so Papa John's can make some dough.

'Kay, I'm gonna stop now. Bye.

What do you think of the Royal Wedding Pizza?

Image via Papa John's

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