Watch Out Cupcakes: Pop Tarts Are Coming for You!

pop tartsCupcakes have been sitting up on their pretty pedestal as the darlings of the dessert world for way too long. They're no easy match for sure, what with their shops on every corner and their tasty, colorful frosting in a color and flavor for every occasion, but it's inevitable that they will be toppled and lose their reign eventually. The only question is: Which dessert will take them down?

There have been murmurings that pie may prove more powerful, but that's yet to be seen and unlikely. Macaroons made a mediocre attempt, and whoopie pies were wondered about, but so far, none has been able to shake the power of the cake.

There's one unlikely contender, however, that may just eventually crush the cupcake's popularity -- the pop tart.


Oh yes, the power of the pop tart should not be underestimated. We're not talking the boxed and hyphenated Pop-Tarts either (although those are pretty damn delicious too), we're talking fancy, homemade, and gourmet pop tarts in a festive assortment of flavor combinations. Suddenly they seem to be ... uh, popping up everywhere.

Part of their power is in their versatility -- you can fill them with pretty much anything, from the sweet to the savory. And top fancy chefs everywhere are toasting up their own versions, though they're often called by other names. In a recent Los Angeles Times article, Spago chef Sherry Yard said she almost served them at the Oscars last year, along with table-side toasters. Some fairs have even deep-fried the toaster treats.

They're about as easy as pie to whip up yourself. Once you get the dough down, you can fill them with just about anything. Here's a basic recipe for homemade pop tarts if you're itching to try them. Or you can get all fancy and try something like these Nutella Strawberry White Chocolate pop tarts -- yum!

So can pop tarts do it, will they overtake cupcakes? They have a lot going for them -- they can be eaten warm or cold; they're portable; they can be frosted or unfrosted; and they're pretty. I can see little pop tart cafes popping up in hip areas, severing designer milk. I think they may have a real shot.

The good news is that no matter who wins, when it comes to desserts competing for our attention, we all win. There's plenty of sugar love to go around.

Do you think pop tarts could overtake cupcakes as the new "it" dessert? Which do you prefer -- cupcakes or pop tarts?

Image via Amy Loves Yah/Flickr

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