Royal Wedding Cereal Is One Batty Breakfast

special kates royal wedding cerealWith a little more than two weeks to go until Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot in the most glorious, magnificent, world-changing event of the 21st century (or so you'd think judging from the hype), all varieties of royal wedding memorabilia are out in full force. Okay, that's an understatement. It's infiltrating every aspect of our LIVES! You can bling your fingers out, hang your laundry, sip your tea, and now ... eat your breakfast as a tribute to the soon-to-be-married royal couple.

Forget that bowl of stale, personality-less Kashi or Raisin Bran. Where's the royal wedding fun in that? You'll be better off filling your with Royal Breakfast Special Kate's and Wills’ Royal O’s! It's a complete, once-in-a-lifetime breakfast.


One box of Wills' Royal O's will run you over $16, but whatever! You're getting to actually INGEST a "bite of this historic event," claim the manufacturers. Pshhhhh ... there is no price too high for that!

The first box will be given to Kate and Wills, "of course!" Can't you see it now, Prince & Princess Charming cozying up for breakfast in bed their first morning as newlyweds ... eating their respective cereals out of their personalized Wills and Kate bowls, using royal wedding commemorative silver spoons? Awwwww.

Since there are only going to be 1,000 boxes of the stuff made, the cereal's a rare keepsake, so you probably want to act fast if you're hungry to eat a breakfast fit for a princess. Plus, if you score a box, your grandkids may one day be given the incredible chance to contemplate a once 29-year-old Princess Kate and 40-year-old "toasted rice flakes, bursting with dried red berries." Yummy!

Would you buy Royal Breakfast cereal? What's the craziest royal wedding memorabilia you've seen so far?


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