Taco Bell Redeems Itself With Ginormous Dorito Shells


taco shell doritoAs a pre-teen, I would take down a box of Taco Bell beef soft-shell tacos with fire sauce almost every Friday night. How many are in a box? Twenty. Those were the days. I've had a love affair with the Bell ever since, and frequently treat myself to some beef and cheese goodness when I'm on road trips. I know, I know, the beef isn't beef ... I get it. But I didn't really think it was in the first place, so I wasn't really that scarred nor surprised.

Anyway, I'm going to have to book some road trips ASAP because Taco Bell is rolling out the coolest thing I've seen since the Gordita Crunch. I gots to gas up the car and head to a little place called Toledo, Ohio, where the beer flows like wine, and where Taco Bell is testing its latest and, dare I say, greatest concoction.

World, meet Doritos Locos Tacos. Pop quiz!

My palms just started sweating because a) I'm so excited, b) my arteries have clogged just thinking about them, c) I'm having intense flashbacks to sitting alone in front of the TV watching Full House pounding taco after taco, wondering why my see-through phone that lights up when it gets a call isn't ringing, d) all of the above. The answer is obvious. D for Doritos!

Let me share some more information with you. Picture a hard taco shell made out of one giant, nacho cheese-flavored Dorito. Then picture it stuffed with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and topped with your choice of hot sauce. I think this image is my new happy place.

This sounds amazing, and I have to wonder what took us this long to come up with this idea. Taco Bell may have been inspired by the Facebook group "Taco Shells made from Doritos Movement," and I'm happy to hear we Doritos and Taco Bell fans have a voice. I mean, Doritos go with everything, but especially ... "mexican." Especially fast food. Especially gratuitous novelty entrees that can be eaten with your hands.

I hope the Toledo market does these Doritos Locos Tacos justice. I'm glad to see the guy in the video below is doing his part to get these puppies distributed nationwide. "It's everything I expected, and more."

If you care to join me on the drive from NYC to Toledo, please offer up a car and some cash, and we'll get the Doritos Locos Tacos Tour 2011 underway!

Do you want to try them? Just a little bit?

Photo via YouTube


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Zamaria Zamaria

My husband will be at taco bell daily, I'm sure. I prefer soft shells, and my 12 year old is boycotting taco bell because he found out that the beef isn't beef. He's traumatized. Lol but my husband will think he's in heaven. He loves doritos and taco bell. Lol

ilove... ilovemyboys84

i would try it to see how it is


Shame on you for making me salivate. I want one RIGHT NOW.

bills... billsfan1104

oh shit for real???  I love me some Taco Bell and Doritos.  I am so there after my weight watchers weigh in tonight. I am going to treat myself to this.  and I have my points saved up.  wooohooooo.  and I am going to get a meximelt too.  Thank you Lindsey.  I love you right now.

coast... coastalmom84

My husband will be very disappointed when I tell him we are not moving just so he could be closer to these things lol! 

Sarahb21 Sarahb21

Oh no. My SO wants one, and he wants one NOW!

butte... butterflyfreak

I will be keeping an eye out for these to show up at my local Bell!

misha... mishamama


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