Olive Garden Serves Tot Booze; Are Restaurants F&^%ing With Us?

Olive GardenSniff those sippy cups moms, yet another chain restaurant is under fire for serving up alcohol to a toddler. This time it's an Olive Garden in Lakeland, Florida, that gave a boy a booze-spiked beverage instead of the plain orange juice he requested.

WTF is going on? This news comes just days after an Applebee's in Michigan was in the spotlight for serving a toddler a margarita instead of apple juice. They're both supposedly accidents, but it feels like some big viral restaurant joke -- get the toddlers wasted and sit back and watch the show.

The Olive Garden incident actually happened first -- on March 31 -- but the mom of the boy served said the Applebee's case sparked her to report her story. They're eerily similar in the details.


Jill Van Heest was dining at Olive Garden with her almost-3-year-old son, Nikolai, when she noticed him acting strangely. Before she figured it out, the restaurant took the drink from the boy and explained there had been a mistake and he'd been served a wine-spiked fruit drink. He was taken to the hospital and is seemingly fine. But still!

Van Heest told WTSP:

I guess that's my biggest frustration, is how disorganized a large restaurant [can be], how can you be so disorganized? How could it happen?

Exactly. What's going on in restaurants that mistakes this big can be made? It's frightening to think how many cases like this go unnoticed or unreported, and I'll definitely be taste testing my children's drinks before they take a sip from now on.

Can you believe that two cases of toddlers being served booze have come to light in such a short period of time? Do you check your children's drinks before they consume them? Will you now?

image via avi.fotos/Flickr

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