Will Jamie Oliver 'Food Revolution' L.A. Feed Our Hunger for Drama?

jamie oliverOn the first season of ABC's Food Revolution, English celeb chef Jamie Oliver planted himself in Huntington, West Virginia, in an attempt to introduce the unhealthy town to healthy eating. In his second go-round, Oliver is heading to Los Angeles, and the season premiere is tonight. But it's kind of hard to tell at this point exactly what we're going to be watching.

Oliver's all about getting into schools and working with the cafeterias to serve good-for-you foods for the kiddos. But so far, it sounds like the city of L.A. will be ordering none of that with a side of "no, thanks."

Oliver has had to fight an ongoing battle with the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School Districts) and was kept from filming and working in school cafeterias.


Just recently, it was reported that they offered Oliver a shot "sans cameras" at "helping the LAUSD with its menu committee" or "designing a yearlong menu that meets all the health and nutritional requirements set forth by the federal and state government."

Sounds ... highly unenlightening.

Filming for the second season isn't wrapped, so there's still a chance he could get in ... I guess? But to know there's still so much head-butting between Oliver and the LAUSD, it kind of makes me wonder -- where does this leave the second season of Food Revolution? What are we going to tune in and see?

Sure, last season, Oliver made his way into people's homes, but I'm not sure that would work as the main focus of this season. L.A. is a HUGE city, and he actually wants to make a dent in their obesity problem. As lovely as it may sound, just working one-on-one with families in their homes isn't really going to have such a wide-sweeping effect. Furthermore, isn't that another show called Losing It With Jillian Michaels?

There's also buzz that he'll go into fast food restaurants and try to reform their menus (wow -- good luck!!!) and run a huge mobile teaching kitchen that's funded through donations. I could see both of those endeavors being interesting and entertaining to watch, but at the same time, aghh ...

I want to see Jamie work with the kids! I want to see if the youth of L.A. is as clueless as kids in West Virginia when it comes to what a tomato is. (Did you see that? Terrifying -- in Huntington, the kids had no clue what different veggies were, but they were completely familiar with pizza and burgers!) I want to see them just say NO to processed junk.

How's that going to happen if Jamie can't get into the schools? Well, I'd say he seems like an innovative guy who can either work around this challenge he's been presented with or face it head on. Either way, with hope, ABC won't be dragging us along for an entire season of Food Revolution that, like junk food, is totally unsatisfying ...

Are you planning on watching this season of Food Revolution? Do you think Jamie should be allowed in the L.A. schools?


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