'America's Next Great Restaurant' Recap: Enough Already With the Saucy Balls!

soul daddy america's next great restaurantOn last night's America's Next Great Restaurant, the remaining restaurateurs had to design and work out of their own food truck biz! Finally, the investors were going to get to see how everyone handled the cost vs. profit of their food. They were told they had to keep their food truck biz open for business for three hours on either Hollywood Blvd. or Sunset Blvd. Curtis explained that he wanted to find someone who knows a little bit about finance, which is completely fair, being that he, Bobby, Lorena, and Steve are going to pour money into whoever wins this competition.

But before everyone took to the streets, we had to see Sandy (Sinners & Saints) fire her chef, because the investors weren't fans. I really felt for her. She did it in the most diplomatic, sweet, compassionate way. Even teared up. Poor lady!! But then she got stuck with a crazy chef named Lance who she described as "sort of a loose cannon." I didn't see this working out very well for her ...


We also saw Joey decide to change his restaurant's name from Saucy Balls the Brooklyn Meatball Co. -- which is better, but it took Bobby and Curtis to drag it out of him.

When it came time for the trucks to set up shop, Steve was impressed with Greg and Krystal -- which was really kind of a shock, being that I thought they'd be long gone by now. Their Grill'Billies truck looked great -- the "American grill" concept really did lend itself to a food truck, and that's what Steve was raving about. He loved the concept and the food! That's high praise coming from Mr. Chipotle.

On the flip side, all of the investors hated Joey's concept and food. Bobby loved the meatballs, but said they needed to work on the "supporting cast a bit." I can't figure out WHY this guy is still on the show?!! I can't stand it. One damn good meatball does not make a successful fast casual restaurant. The worst part: Joey put an already-cooked plate of his combo out on the ledge of his truck, so passersby could see it, but it looked disgusting. Curtis really read Joey the riot act for that one. (Man, I agree with Curtis on just about everything! Love him!)

And then came ... Sudhir's Indian tacos. O. M. G. They looked and sounded AWESOME. I am seriously going to try to make them myself after seeing them on the show last night. One was chicken green chili and the other was vegetarian with chick peas, I think? Anyway, even Curtis -- who had been really skeptical about Steve's push to take Indian food and make it into a taco -- said he would eat humble pie after he tried them!

"They were Indian enough to keep me happy, but they were user-friendly enough to stick them in a taco and walk down the street with them," he admitted. Sudhir said he would have made his country and his mother proud -- aww. I agree! Wow, I'm so down with Spice Coast this week.

I also felt really bad for Sandy, because her new chef obviously sucked. The investors said her mac 'n' cheese was some of the worst they'd ever had, and there was fat in their "saintly" brisket.

NO ONE seemed to know how much it cost them per serving to make their food. And no one made a profit. Eeek! If I were the investors, I'd be a little freaked out by that! And even though the investors were still peeved that he used canned green beans (ick), Jamawn was safe because he made out the best overall with his Soul Daddy truck.

Joey had the lowest amount of sales, but Bobby kept defending him, saying he makes really good meatballs -- shutup. Get rid of him. Then, they yelled at Sandy, then Stephenie (because she used canned chick peas for her falafel, even though her whole concept is supposed to be about fresh, healthy food).

But in the end, they ended up sending Sandy home, because she couldn't deliver her concept in food-form. But I LOVED her concept. She just got totally screwed with crappy chefs. UGH! Boo!!! I really think Joey should have been sent home already ... like WEEKS ago. He must be Bobby's cousin or something. Blech.

Well, next week, we get to see the remaining contenders try to impress the pickiest eaters ... KIDS! That should be interesting!

Did you think Sandy should have been sent home -- or should Joey be long gone by now?

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