Eva Longoria Using Trashy Tactics to Sell Cookbooks?

eva's kitchenSome critics are accusing Eva Longoria of resorting to some pretty trashy tactics to boost publicity for her new cookbook, Eva's Kitchen, including staging a wardrobe malfunction on David Letterman and talking about her marriage trouble with ex-husband Tony Parker.

But those accusations are comical and completely absurd. Longoria doesn't need to use stupid stunts to sell her cookbook: Eva's Kitchen can pretty much sell itself!


The gorgeous Desperate Housewives star might not seem like the obvious cookbook author, but as it turns out, Longoria's got a foodie side. She grew up on Tex-Mex food, is a lifelong cook, and co-owns two restaurants -- both called Beso -- in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Her cookbook is a collection of her favorite recipes; some of them are family recipes while others she created personally. She told PopEater.com:

I have cooked my entire life ... Food is always comforting to me. It's a place of happiness. I enjoy being alone in the kitchen more than anything. It has helped me through many hard times.

And, from the recipes I've seen so far, she's not kidding: Her chunky guacamole and tortilla soup sound absolutely delicious and comforting. It looks the pampered housewife who never steps foot inside a kitchen is just a character she plays on TV!

And to the critics who accuse her of capitalizing on her divorce to sell cookbooks, Longoria had this to say:

I'm on this cookbook press tour so I've been doing a lot of press. I'm not on the 'let's talk about life after Tony' tour, and so every time someone asks me how I'm doing, I say, 'I'm fine, I'm fine' ... I would never in my life use my pain to sell something and I think it's very personal.

Not only is Longoria a good cook, she's a classy cook, through and through.

Are you going to buy Eva Longoria's cookbook?


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