Nazi Cake Baker Plays Dumb But We Don't Buy It


nazi swastikaRemember the disturbing story about the Adolf Hitler birthday cake from a few years back? Well, this story tops it.

An Austrian bakery has come under fire by a Holocaust survivors' group for prominently featuring photos of Nazi-themed cakes -- decorated with swastikas and a baby raising its right hand in a "Heil Hitler" salute -- on its walls and in its catalogue.

When asked about the cakes by an Austrian television station, the bakery's owner, Manfred Klaschka, played dumb, saying that the cakes were made eight years and so he didn't understand why everyone was making such a big deal about it. Of course, this was all before he offered up the most ridiculous excuse of all time ...

He said he made the cake because a customer asked him to (for $128):

If it's requested, it's made ... I don't want to be pulled into this because I'm a confectioner and there's nothing more to it.

In other words, he was "just following orders," right? Yeah, we've heard that before. Never mind the fact that Austrian law bans the glorification of the Nazi era and any attempt to diminish, deny, or justify the Holocaust! I'd say that these cakes might just fall into the glorification realm, wouldn't you agree?

Klaschka has since apologized, telling a newspaper that it was a mistake to make the cakes, and that he has nothing to do with Hitler. Yet, the Holocaust survivors' group is intent that the pastry shop be prosecuted. Can't say that I blame them -- besides being offensive and upsetting, it sounds like these cakes are absolutely against the law!

Do you think the bakery should be prosecuted?


Image via Nevada Tumbleweed/Flickr

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megha... meghanmeghan

BFD. Nothing should be illegal for being offensive.

Troys... TroysMommy1220

Do I believe the man had the right to make the cakes if they were for an order? Yes. It's his shop, his business. Do I think he should have advertised them in his catalogs and on his walls? No. It is offensive, crude, and probably very sensitive to a lot of people. BUT he had all the right in the world to complete an order put into his bakery.

Duston Barto

No prosecution; it's not like it was done with any anti-jew or pro-nazi agenda and it's a frickin' cake for crying out loud.  People need to stop having such thin skin.


Laurel Burnette

I'm with Layla19 on this one. He broke the law, he should be punished. Here it would be different, but there it is illegal. End of story.

Also, in Europe, the history and the effects of the Nazi party are much more heavily felt than they are here. (At least that has been my experience having lived in a couple of European countries and visiting several others). So it's hard for me to say 'no big deal' on this one.

Veronica Brewer

While I am totally anti-Nazi, I can understand why he filled the order someone placed. Horrible, but it's business... if you start refusing orders, you lose customers, and more than just the person who placed the order. As for putting pictures of it in his catalogue, that's not something I agree with, maybe if he had a section on the store's website for personal cakes that are not family friendly, but not his regular advertisements. I will say he's not fooling anyone by feigning innocence. Very few people don't know about the Holocaust, and its devestation, and even fewer in Europe. Whatever my personal feelings, legal action he receives should be dictated by local laws, and according to the article, he should be prosecuted.

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