Beers at Ballparks Are a Mathematical Scam

baseball fan with beerSummer is coming! That means it's almost time for my annual leg-shaving, and almost time for beers outside at baseball games. Is there anything that says "July" more than an ice cold beer and some men in tights running around in dirt? I'll likely take in a few Mets games this year at Citi Field and take down a few brewskies and hot dogs while soaking up some sun and sports ... but!

There are reports coming in from the field that the beers at ballparks are not what they seem. They're scamming us. And if there's one thing I will not stand for, it's someone scamming me on my beer.


YumSugar sent an investigative beer fan to a Dodgers game to get to the bottom of this debacle, and her results are depressing.

Most stadiums offer three draft beer sizes: a small for $6, a medium for $8, and a large for $10. The stadium doesn't list the ounces in each size, but the reporter brought her own measuring cup and found that the small has 18 ounces, the medium has 20 ounces, and the large has 24 ounces.

If we do some quick math ... carry the one .. that comes out to about $1 for 3 ounces of our favorite golden liquid. According to their price scale, that means the medium should give you 6 more ounces of beer, which would make it 24 ounces, and the large should give you 10 more ounces, making it a 30-ounce cup.

But no. That's not what happens -- they gyp us out of a lot of beer and charge irrational prices. Is this breaking news? Maybe not -- I guess deep down inside we all knew that we were getting ripped off at baseball games. But the math is intriguing and doesn't lie. Maybe the most interesting discovery is that we should all buy small beers at the park since it gives us the most for our buck.

Or you could pull a MacGyver and smuggle in beer in a camel pack. "It's water, officer, I swear. Gotta keep hydrated in this heat, am I right? I like your badge. Is that a real gun?"

Are you surprised by the baseball park beer math?

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