More Restaurant Lies: Cheap Fish at Fancy Fish Prices

fishThink about the last time you went out to a nice, long dinner. And I'm not talking Denny's nice, I'm talking nice nice. Did you have a good time? A little pinot noir, perhaps? A fresh piece of white tuna? Ahh, it's relaxing just thinking about it. Except for now when I tell you that the $20 tuna you ordered was probably worth $5. And it probably wasn't tuna.

Ladies and gentleman, we have a case of fish fraud on our hands, and it's not cool. Last year 186 restaurants in Florida were cited with mislabeling fish -- substituting low-grade imitation fish for high priced, fancy fish. The most common deceptions were escolar as tuna, tilapia for red snapper, panga and emperor fillets as grouper, and imitation crab meat for authentic crab.

What is it with you chefs these days? First, you serve people with gluten allergies gluten-filled pasta, now you're pulling a bait-and-switch (wink, wink) with seafood! Who the crap do you think you are?


Aren't chefs supposed to be passionate about their jobs? I thought it was more than a career, I thought it was a craft. It's something you go into because you're crazy about food and enjoyment, not because you need to make ends meet. Food is supposed to be about love, and sharing, and happy times. Not about lying, deception, and making money. Not to mention, it's the main component of your job. You're lying about the main component of your job!

Think about it. How would you like it, Chefs, if you walked on into The Stir and asked me to write up a post about your restaurant -- and you gave me all the details you wanted me to include -- and I just wrote whatever I wanted and slapped it up on the Internet? You wouldn't like it, would you? Well, that's kind of what you're doing.

You know what? I'm jumping ship on this foodie bandwagon! Who's with me? Maybe it's the popularity of Top Chef, or the success of the Food Network, but chefs seem kind of like the new rock stars (or, perhaps, more apropos, the new Wall Street), and it's given them a god complex. They don't care about sharing and love. They're all about themselves. Well, this girl won't contribute to that anymore! No way! Just watch your sales plummet, guys!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go learn how to boil water.

What do you think of chefs feeding us the wrong fish?


Image via Rick Smit/Flickr

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