Cheesus Pizza: Special Delivery From God?

Jesus PizzaWell, thank goodness they didn't add any pepperoni to this particular pizza, it may have concealed the face of Jesus, which appeared right there in the middle of the greasy pie. Fortunately, it was just a three-cheese job that Maree Phelan of Australia's Posh Pizza pulled out of the oven, so Christ's face was blessedly clear.

Well, sorta clear anyway. I had to look at it for awhile before I could see it, but once I "found" it, holy hell heck, it does look like him ... or maybe more like Christian Bale or Charles Manson? I'm not sure. Anyway, Phelan told that it's already proven lucky and saved her from a parking ticket. Praise the Lord ... or at least the pizza?


So what does one do when Christ appears to them on a pizza? Why, put the pizza up for sale on eBay of course. They vacuum packed it and hawked it for charity. (Smart move, as if it really is a divine sign, you wouldn't want to appear greedy.) It went for about $160 last week. Yep, someone actually bought it.

It's not the first time people have claimed to see heavenly appearances in food -- from a Jesus Cheeto to the face of Christ on a fish stick, believers have seen it all. But as much as I hate to be a Doubting Thomas, I think the Lord could come up with something a little better than food faces if he wanted to send us a message.

Since the days he roamed the earth, there have been some pretty cool new ways to communicate invented; there's instant messaging, email, and can you imagine if he got a hold of a Facebook account? I'm just saying, it's unlikely he'd go to all the trouble of putting his face in the middle of a pizza that could have easily been overlooked and eaten when he could definitely best even Charlie Sheen in followers and spread his message far and wide if he just started Tweeting.

Do you think this Jesus pizza is a sign from above or just a fluke?

Image via eBay

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