Hands Down, the Dirtiest Thing You'll Ever Eat

dirt banquetI don't even want to think about all the dirty things I've inadvertently eaten over the years -- food that fell on the floor (or worse), food from fast food restaurants (god knows where that had been), etc. But the attendees of a recent Dirt Banquet held in the United Kingdom actually ate really disgustingly dirty things -- four courses' worth, in fact -- on purpose!

Just wait until you hear all that the guests consumed at this extraordinary culinary event ...


The Dirt Banquet was part edible adventure, part performance art piece held in one of London's oldest sewage-pumping stations, the Crossness. (And if that fact alone isn't enough to turn your stomach, then by all means, keep reading.) The artful event featured a four-course menu of filthy offerings, including radioactive cheese serum, pork cooked in an imu (earth oven), Isay Scotch whisky distilled from grain roasted with peat moss, and fermented natto.

To finish, a dessert of aphrodisiac mushrooms was paired with rare coffee "harvested" from civet cat feces. And if that weren't all foul enough, how's this for a grand finale? The final course was served while a "brown note" played on a sound system. That's just a fancy way to describe the frequency at which humans supposedly lose control of their bowels.

Now, I'm all for appreciating food as art in all its wondrous forms. And, I can certainly appreciate whoever was intelligent and thoughtful enough to come up with the concept for this unusual event: To explore the intricate relationship between dirt and food.

But consuming cat feces coffee and stressing out about losing control of my bowels? Well, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Would you attend a Dirt Banquet?


Image via Bompas & Parr

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