Dead Mouse Found in Monster Drink -- SQUEAL!


Mouse in Monster DrinkI think I finally may be able to kick my Diet Coke habit as I'll never be able to open another beverage can again without thinking of Vitaliy Sulzhik. Sulzhik was sipping away on his Monster Energy drink when he noticed it didn't seem to be getting any lighter as he drank it. That's because there was the weight of a full, dead mouse right there at the bottom of his can.

Now there are plenty of gross things people find in their food, some which people may have planted there themselves in an attempt to get lawsuit rich, but THIS, this is both verified via forensic tests and perhaps the grossest case I've ever heard. And yes, he's suing.

He told KING5 News:

I put it down and I felt it was still heavy. So I backwashed it and all this debris went into my mouth. Then I looked in the can and I saw the tip of the tail and I vomited everywhere.

Now I may go and do the same.

Have you ever found anything gross in your food or drink?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh man! Wouldn't that drink taste odd to begin with???? Yuck yuck yuck! I am going to make my own drinks at home. No more closed containers for me!!

livewell livewell

I don't drink Monster...or mouse...

lovem... lovemybaby72

eewwww nothing that bad! i did find a ciggeratte butt in the sprinkle cheese at pizza hut once

RoseMay RoseMay

That's bullshit.  Somebody is looking for some easy cash.  Have you seen the way sodas are manufactured?  Hard to believe a rodent could get into the can. 

nonmember avatar atgirl

yo rosemay how can you say that thats disgusting and sick what monster did, and i truly believe that those drinks are sick and lying scum, and that you are very niave and predijuce to think that they are in inacent

BabyP... BabyPajamas

I will NEVER drink from a can.  My brother had a parasite from a coke can.    He was sick for over a month and no one knew what was wrong.  Finally, they had us go through his apartment and trash and they found it on a Coke can!! From that day forward, I always drank fountain diet coke :)   This is just another good reason never to drink from a can.  Poor guy!

nonmember avatar jessica

Your so right Atskigirl!
all those big companies do is lie and try to make money,
i feel they don't care what they put in those drinks, they only
care about people buying them.

Ava Wilson

They found a dead mouse in a can of Pepsi too. The guy didn't immediately cut it open like that though, he could see the fur leaking out of the top-- he noticed it tasted bad and tipped it upside down and oops! Dead mouse fur!

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