Chef Ignores Gluten-Free Orders, Lies & Serves It Anyway

plate of pasta

Whether or not you think a gluten-free diet is for the birds is your call. I, personally, happen to know a few people with wheat allergies who swear it's the only thing that works for them. Whatever. Maybe it works, maybe it's a placebo. I really don't care. I have better things to do with my time. Like brush my dog. But the people who get all upset about others eating gluten-free, like Chef Damian Cardone, need to get a life!

Chef Cardone, who claims to be the former executive chef at (now closed) fancypants New York restaurant Tavern on the Green, has let the world know via Facebook that not only does he hate people who follow a gluten-free diet, he serves gluten to those trying to avoid it.


Um, why? And why would you do something as idiotic as announce it to the world? Despite your claims (which no one has been able to verify) that you've cooked for Billy Crystal, George Clooney, and Tom Hanks -- do you really think they'll want you as their chef now? Check out the genius's venomous Facebook rant:

Gluten free is bull s**t!! Flour and bread have been a staple of life for thousands, THOUSANDS of years. People who claim to be gluten intolerant don't realize that it's all in their disturbed little heads. People ask me for gluten free pasta in my restaurant all the time, I tell em sure, Then I serve em our pasta, which I make from scratch with high gluten flour. And you know what? nothing, NOTHING! ever happens! People leave talking about how good they feel gluten free and guess what, They just had a full dose! Idiots!

Wow, you really like gluten, Damien. And, uh, just a little tidbit, if someone were gluten intolerant, it would take two to three hours before they felt the effects of having consumed it. Oh, and while we're at it, a friend of mine has an autistic son, who he never feeds gluten to. But, for some reason, he can always tell if his son has eaten something containing gluten because he starts stimming. Just sayin'.

My beliefs aside, you seem like a crappy chef and an even crappier person for intentionally serving people food they specifically asked not to have. But what you seem like most of all is an idiot for letting the world know.

What do you think of Chef Cardone serving people gluten-free food when they asked otherwise?


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