Sick Boy to Barefoot Contessa: ‘Thanks But No Thanks’

ina gartenWell folks, Enzo has spoken. By now I think we all know the story of the Barefoot Contessa who denied a dying 6-year-old boy his wish to cook with her. We then wrote her letters imploring her to change her mind, and you know what, she did! It was great. Ina Garten called Enzo and his family this week to invite them to the Food Network studios for a little old-fashioned hang sesh.

Here's my interpretation of what happened. Enzo's father picked up the phone with enthusiasm and glee, and then said to the Barefoot Contessa something along the lines of, "Hey Contessa? Thanks but no thanks." Click. Point being, they declined her offer.

And now we begin our story in which Enzo reminds us all that you only get one chance to make a first impression.


The Contessa dissed Enzo twice already, rejecting his Make-A-Wish request more than once. But when she finally came around, it was just too little too late. Enzo's father told TMZ:

I don't want to put my son through all these emotions. We're better off just leaving everything the way it is.

I think we can all respect that. Enzo's other wish was to swim with dolphins. He's slated to have his dream come true sometime in August.

The more I think about it, the more I'm kind of pleased that Enzo rejected the Contessa. I still think our letters and emails were important, and I totally stand behind the fact that she needed to be reminded that life stretches beyond the bright lights and cooking utensils. But I'm not at all upset that Enzo was like, "Oh ho ho, no way, Barefoot. I've got the dolphins and they never said 'no' to me. You can go sit in butter -- I've got some swimming to attend to." Well, OK, I'm sure the conversation was gracious and nothing like that, but still.

I hope the story ends here. I don't want to have to write about how the Contessa showed up to Enzo's big swim with the dolphins excursion carrying a boombox over her head blaring "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. She had her chance. Kudos to us for trying, and kudos to Enzo for going with his gut. Enjoy the swim, buddy!

Are you glad or mad that Enzo said 'thanks but no thanks' to the Contessa?

Photo via Steven Lovekin/Getty

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