New Diet Coke Will Give You a Headache Just Looking at It

diet cokeDrinking a Diet Coke is about to get a little more fashionable. The classic red, white, and black bottle that we all know so well is getting a couture makeover by one of fashion's most revered designers, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. The creative director for Chanel, Fendi, and his own eponymous line, the icon is in love with Diet Coke and is thrilled to give it a new, updated look.

And when I say he's in love with Diet Coke, I mean he's in loooove with Diet Coke. Question for Karl: If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?


Maybe this collaboration is his way of marrying himself to the brand of soda he cannot live without. In a statement about his partnership with DC, he said:

It's exciting for me because I love the idea and as everybody knows, I drink Diet Coke and nothing else, night and day. It was pure pleasure to do a campaign with people I like and for a product I love.

Remember back a few years ago when Karl debuted his new body after his seemingly magical 90-pound weight loss? Guess who was there in his darkest hours, keeping him company with her caramel bubbles and aspartame aftertaste. Yes, Diet Coke was there. She, combined with an exclusive diet of steamed vegetables, helped the 77-year-old get down to his goal weight. It was rumored that Lagerfeld had his own Diet Coke butler.

The new bottles will go on sale in June of this year. The "Love It Light" collector's bottles will be sold individually or in a, get this, prism-shaped box. How much are they going to charge for this? I'm interested to know.

This isn't the first time Diet Coke has gotten a stylish rejuvenation. Patricia Field of Sex and the City styling fame had her own bottle, and so did fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Lagerfeld's bottle design will only be available for a limited time -- start preparing your kidneys now for all the glamours chemicals you'll be ingesting this summer in the name of Chanel, diets, and everything delicious. I sure am.

Will you buy the Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke bottles?

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