Katie Couric Calls Starbucks CEO 'Clueless' in Coffee Talk

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So, wait, has Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, ever been to a Starbucks? Does he know how much a venti pumpkin latte with soy milk costs? Is he aware of the extreme difficulty that comes with "only buying a coffee" when you're at a Starbucks? (It's like the Target of coffee shops!) No, actually. He doesn't.

This past Sunday when Katie Couric was interviewing His Brewness for CBS Sunday Morning, one of the first questions she asked him was whether or not he had a "tin ear" to what people were going through with the recession (or, as Howard knows of it -- that "R" word people keep saying).

When she suggested that maybe people (like you and me, not him and her) couldn't afford to pay "$5 on their coffee every day" what did Howard Schultz, uber-bajillionaire, do? He laughed.


Well, let me clarify. It wasn't exactly a "ha-ha I'm so rich" kind of laugh (well, it was a little bit), it was more of a nervous laugh. You see, Howard doesn't agree that Starbucks costs $5, because in his world, it's only $1.50. And he wants to be sure that you know that.

During Katie's grill session interview, he felt the need to interrupt her to say, "Katie! It's not five bucks! It's not five bucks, let's get that right! It's $1.50!"

Sheesh. Someone a little defensive, Howard? And, um, fine, okay, I'll give you Starbucks only costing a buck fifty -- if you get the smallest, most boring drink ever invented!

I love that Katie used her face-time with the CEO to fight for the little man. The thing that strikes me as hilarious, though, is that Katie herself is a mega-millionaire -- homegirl makes $15 million a year! And I really don't think that when she was drinking her morning frappuccino during the height of the recession, she was thinking, "Damn, this sure is tasty. I really hope people who are suffering the effects of that R word can enjoy this, too."

It was nice of you to take a stand, Katie (and to get a good interview out of Schultz), but we all know you didn't give that a second thought once that conversation was over. I'll bet you a coffee.

What do you think of Starbucks' crazy high prices?


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