Is Sandra Lee Challenging Michelle Obama to a Bake Off?

sandra leeI'm not going to deny it -- Sandra Lee has always rubbed me the wrong way. Her blinding blonde hair, her phony "ha ha" laugh, her Oh-I'll-Only-Have-One-Teaspoon-of-What-I-"Cooked" physique. What kind of chef has a body like that? I don't want a skinny chef! I want a chef with some meat on her bones. I want to know that she actually has a general interest in food. Which, while we're at it, I don't know how much of a chef I consider her to be anyway. I can plop some cherry pie filling into a Pillsbury crust and call it a day, too, you know?

My feelings on her aside, people seem to really like them some Sandra Lee. With her best-selling books, super popular show, and everything in between, it doesn't seem like she's going to be unemployed any time soon (unlike another chef we know).

That's why I felt a small tinge of happiness when I found out that she could have potentially annoyed Michelle Obama. (Sing-songy) "You're in trooouble ..."


See, earlier on today, when she was being interviewed by WNYC for the giant bake sale that she's throwing tomorrow, it was pu-retty obvious she didn't want to be compared to the First Lady. Which, why, Sandra? That's a compliment.

When the interviewer asked her if she would consider herself the Michelle Obama of New York -- because they're both all into healthy eating and whatnot -- Lee simply (which I'm reading as "coldy") said, "No." Boo! Hiss!

Then, Lee went on to say, "I've been doing my work for a long, long time, and it's where my heart is." Cat noise! Do I smell a girl fight?

Probably not. Michelle would never in a million years get involved in some petty tabloid fodder. And truth be told, Sandra probably -- maybe -- didn't mean anything by it. She just wants it to be known that she is not a copycat. (Which, wait, are you insinuating Michelle's copying you then? Ooh ...)

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill because I'm just jealous of Sandra? Maybe. So? Fine, I'll admit it! I mean, her entire life is spent sort of cooking and baking. I've been doing that since college. Did you ever think of adding corn and peas to instant mac 'n' cheese? You did? Never mind then.

Either way, I will definitely not be stopping by her bake sale tomorrow in Grand Central Station, even though I could totally get there easily. But, if it's still going on when I leave work, maybe I'll swing by. But it won't be to get a glimpse of Sandra, it will be to eat a cupcake.

What do you think of Sandra Lee? Love her? Hate her?


Image via Food Network

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