Barefoot Contessa Will Meet Enzo Thanks to You!

barefoot contessaThere's a little boy that's really, really happy right now. And so am I. And you should be too, since you probably played a part in making his wish come true. On Friday I told you the sad story of the Barefoot Contessa versus Enzo, the 6-year-old boy with terminal cancer whose dying wish was to meet the celebrity chef and to cook with her. We were all so confused why she had said "no" to him ... twice ... so we joined together to do what we thought was the right thing, and I dare say, it paid off.

The letters you copied and pasted, the emails you sent, and the snail mail you stamped all made a difference. Today, a rep announced that the Contessa learned about Enzo's story this weekend, and looks forward to fulfilling his wish. Yes!


I want to focus on the positive here and give thanks that she's meeting with Enzo, but I find it hard to believe that she only heard his story this weekend, since both Enzo's family and the Make-A-Wish foundation concur that she denied his request two times due to scheduling conflicts, but I'll let pie gones be pie gones.

I also don't want to distract from the good news to toot our own horn (but since we're at it), I think we may have played a role in helping Enzo. That's what we'll tell ourselves, anyway. Your support, your comments, and your letters at least brought this to her attention, at most changed her mind. Thanks to commenters like Morgan Quinn Benzian and Mom2jngnc and countless others, Enzo is going to cook with the Contessa.

I wish the Contessa had come out with a statement herself, acknowledged either the misunderstanding or misinformation, and expressed a little more humility or, on the other hand, excitement at the idea of granting Enzo's wish, but hey, we'll take what we can get.

The rep confirms that Enzo will be invited to the Food Network studios to bang pots and pans with his idol.

To sum it all up: Enzo (100%) rules, the Contessa (mostly) rules, and we (totally) rule. Congratulations to all of you who helped Enzo's dream come true!

How many of you sent letters or shared this with others? I'm sure Enzo thanks you!

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