Rush Limbaugh & Friends Need to Shut Up & Eat Cupcakes

heart cupcakesHallelujah, I think Westboro Baptist Church can possibly be saved, thus saving the world from them and their hate-mongering ways! It's not going to take any huge intervention or light-seeing moment either; it's simple really -- we just change their diet.

That's right, a new study found that eating or drinking something that tastes bad makes you more judgmental. It seems that eating something disgusting makes you more likely to judge others as morally disgusting. It all makes sense now!

Since Fred Phelps and his gang are among the most judgmental folks out there, I bet their diet is made up of some nasty stuff. If only they start eating more cupcakes and less lima beans, they would perhaps ease up and put down their picket signs?


In the study, participants were given two drinks -- one sweet and one bitter-tasting -- then asked to react to some scenarios like second cousins getting it on with one another and a man eating a dead dog (not sure who wouldn't react strongly to that, but okay). Those who drank the bitter drinks reacted with the most outrage to the situations.

Researchers also found it happened to a greater degree in conservatives than liberals. Rush Limbaugh! Ann Coulter! Could we really be rid of their inane judgments if we just filled them with some tasty food?

Unfortunately, they didn't find that sweeter beverages made people kinder, although researchers admitted the sweet drink they used was perhaps too tart. They plan to try again with something sweeter next time. Let's hope it works. The implications for the world could be huge!

How long the effects last are unclear. But, hey, if we have to feed some of the haters around the clock to stop them, then I'll sign up to start baking.

Do you feel more judgmental when you eat something you don't like?

Image via makeshiftlove/Flickr

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