Yelp Scares Away Hipsters With New Feature & I'm Pissed

hipsterIt is my supreme goal in life to be any place where the hipsters are at. To me, there's nothing cooler than intentionally messed-up hair, too-tight black jeans, sunglasses indoors, and a perpetual frown. I'm not awesome enough to look like this myself; instead, I try hang out at places where people who fit this description frequent, so I can pretend that I'm as cool as they are and totally in the know ...

... Which is why I'm so annoyed about the new Hipster feature on


The user review site has added a new "Hipster" label in the "Ambiance" category. So, for example, that dive bar on the corner where all the cool emaciated-looking kids are wearing Chuck Taylors, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon from a can (draft will just not do), and checking in on Foursquare? Well, anyone who writes a review of that bar on Yelp should definitely be sure to click "hipster."

If you're thinking to yourself, "Wait, isn't the whole spirit behind the new feature (and for that matter, this post) a little tongue-in-cheek?" Well, you wouldn't be that far off. See the thing is, once a venue is labeled "hipster" and it subsequently becomes common knowledge that this is where the hipsters hang out, guess who disappears immediately? You guessed it: the hipsters! In other words, it's the opposite of hipster to be at a place called "hipster." So, in effect, Yelp is virtually shooing hipsters away from their usual haunts with the inclusion of this new label. Poor hipsters!

And, for people like me who want to be where the hipsters are at all times, this new feature is totally foiling our plan to stalk them! Just when I thought I knew where they all hung out, Yelp has to go and scare them away.

Can you think of any other labels besides "hipsters" that should include?


Image via Zabowski/Flickr

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